Sunday, January 27, 2008

Updates of Andy Dunn-As of Monday, Feb. 4th

Today Lori Patterson, Susan Barrett, and Tammy Love went to visit Andy at the hospital. This an up-to-date picture of this sweet angel boy. Thank You Lori for sending this so I was able to post it!
..........SUNDAY EVENING, JAN. 27TH UPDATES..........

Just talked to Dot at 7:30 p.m. today and again at 8:30 p.m. Andy was vomiting this morning at 4 a.m. and then did pretty well today until this afternoon and tonight. He has thrown up a couple more times. She said he was restless and I could hear him in the back ground. In my prayers to our loving God, I ask for him to put his comforting hand upon Andy. Dot told me how he doesn't like to throw up. He is taking the Zofran and Phenegran around the clock. Dot did say he ate pretty good today before he got sick. Please pray for him and for Dot and Daryl. We love you guys very much!

**..........MONDAY LUNCH, JAN. 28TH UPDATES..........**

I have talked with Dot and with Daryl today and Andy had a ruff night last night. They are hoping that the staff has his medicine for his stomach regulated. When I talked to Daryl at 8:30 a.m. this morning they were putting a puzzle together and I could hear his precious voice in the background telling his Daddy to LOOK! I talked with Dot a little bit ago and she said he was doing better today than yesterday. He had actually walked around in the hallways some. At once point I could hear him giggle about something. I hope that they do get his med's regulated so he doesn't have to be sick with his stomach anymore! They are very excited that we got the Blood Drive set!
.....*****TUESDAY AFTERNOON, JAN. 29TH UPDATES*****.....
Just talked to Dot and she said that Andy has a bacterial infection and will not be able to come home for several days. They started a drip with some new meds in it so he can start fighting this infection. The doctor said he would be on this drip for 7 to 10 days. His white count is down pretty low. Gotta keep those nasty germs away. Oh, by the way, Dot had to have a root canal today. Bless their hearts!
:(..........WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, JAN. 30TH UPDATES..........:(
I talked to Dot at 3:10 p.m. today and Andy's not had as good of day today. He was napping and getting a blood transfusion all at the same time. She said that his blood counts were very low. His white blood count was 1.2 (it should be 4.5-10.0), his hemoglobin and red blood count were very low as well. His white blood count is his immune system. We need to keep those old nasty germs away from him. If he was to catch a bug, it could be very bad for him due to his immune system being so weak. This is his second blood transfusion and it is very important for us to donate blood for him. Please remember the blood drive on Feb. 18th at Westwood Church of Christ 12 noon till 6 p.m. Dot sounded so weak. I am very worried about her and Daryl. They are so very worried about their angel baby boy and need as much support as we all possibly can give. Also, please remember Ray, he is suffering with this as well. Please pray for all of them!
:)..........:)THURSDAY MORNING, JAN. 31ST UPDATE:)...............:)
Wow, I talked to Dot this morning about 9:30 and Andy was bouncing off the walls. What a unit of blood will do for someone who was as sick as he was yesterday. She told me that they have figured out that it's his "tubbie" (port-a-cath). If this antibiotic in his drip doesn't help, he will have to have it removed and a new one put in. That would mean another surgery. Dot sounded much, much better today. She had some pep in her voice. I will have the posters for the blood drive Monday morning. If you are interested in picking some up and would like to help post them through the community, please post a message or call me at 212-7303. 18 more days until the blood drive.
*****.....FRIDAY EVENING, FEB. 1ST UPDATE.....*****
I talked to Dot today a couple of times. Just talked to her tonight about 9:30 p.m. Andy is broke out from head to toe. He has been having a reaction to the antibiotic. They are going to change his antibiotic so the rash will quit. Poor little fella. He had a bad night last night and a ruff day today itching. It makes him feel so irritable and restless. Today Andy had a "Hair Cutting Party". Dot said he is so cute! His hair is shorter than his mommie's. Dot and Daryl are going to let Myrtice and Teresa stay with Andy tomorrow and come home for a few hours. Ray celebrates his 15th birthday tomorrow. They are also planning to go to the Benefit Squirrel Hunt in Andy's name tomorrow as well. It is an awsome our community has pulled together for Andy. From the hundreds of cards Andy has received to a Benefit Squirrel Hunt...The Possitive Support is UPLIFTING! Keep praying for Andy and the entire family! The posters for the blood drive will be delivered to my house Monday. If you are interested in posting some of them for us, please leave me a comment or call me...212-7303. We are going to post 150.
%..........SATURDAY EVENING, FEB. 2ND UPDATES..........%
Just talked to Dot (9:30 p.m.) Andy's white blood count was 0.3. Boy the chemo is really doing it's job whipping his blood counts down to nothing. While Daryl and Dot came home for Ray's birthday party and the Benefit Squirrel Hunt....Momma D and Teresa Priestly fed Andy Coke and Reeces Cups. Dot said he was on a major sugar high. Dot said that they were very humbled by the outpour of support and how many people, that they didn't know, were involved in the Squirrel Hunt. Susan is going to get started with the Bone Marrow Drive just after our Blood Drive is complete. Remember.....Feb. 18th @ Westwood Church of Christ.....Blood Drive!!!!!
Please continue to pray for Andy and the staff who is helping him.
Andy's white blood count is 0.1 today. He is cranky and restless. They are praying that they get to come home on the 8th (just as long as he doesn't spike a fever) Just keep praying!
I talked to Dot just before bed and she said Andy hadn't eaten much that day. He wasn't drinking at all either. He is withering. His blood count is still 0.1 and he got some more blood as well. Today will probably be another bad day. We are hoping that the blood will make him feel better. Please keep sending him cards and note of support. They cherish each one! PRAY!

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Joy I hope you don't mind but I am going to put a link to the blood drive and Andy's picture on my blog too! Asking for prayers, never have enough prayers...Thank you for all you are doing for this little angel and his family...