Thursday, March 27, 2008

Girlie Girl Cake

Madison Helton turned 11 just last week. Her mom Debbie ordered this darling birthday cake for her "Girl Friend Party". Madison likes all of the "girlie girl" stuff. She requested a cake that reflected her personality. Madison likes nail polish, lotions, and all of that "girlie" though what would be more suiting than a cosmetic bag cake. The cosmetic bag is in her favorite colors of pink and purple. And of course...there's cool makeup for her to enjoy!
Happy Birthday Madison!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March Give Away Winner Is.......

Paula Morris!
Congrat's goes to Ms. Paula! John Ryan drew from the big bowl and you said you wouldn't register again because you didn't win the last two give aways!


Today is Friday, March 28th and I just had to share Paula's darling Flamingo's and Andy Dunn's King of Cancer cookies.

Pink Flamingo's remind me of a trip my parents took me on when I was a child to southern Florida and we saw beautiful pink flamingo's and monkey's on a river boat ride. I think it was at Silver Springs, FL.

Neuroblastoma is called the "King Of Cancer" by the doctors at VCH in Nashville. So...what more fitting for Andy to have himself some "King Andy" cookies.

Relay For Life Fund Raiser In Honor Of Andy Dunn

Simply Joy Catering Is A Team Member On
Westwood Church of Christ Youth Group Relay For Life Team!
First Annual Cookie Sale In Honor of Andy Dunn!
1 Dzn. Of My Fabulous Homemade Sugar Cookies
(Please Choose Pattern and Color)
$12.00 Per Dzn.
How Do I Order? Post a comment below, call me at 212-7303, or
Order Dates: Now until 5 p.m. on Friday, May 2nd
Pick Up Date: Saturday, May 3rd @ Westwood Church of Christ Fellowship Center

Please make all checks payable to: Relay For Life

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Register For The March Give Away!

I have almost let March slip by and not have a "March Give Away"! Oh my...what was I thinking?
This month I will be giving away a tray of my delicious sugar cookies. I have ordered several new cookie cutters to go with my collection (some are from when I was a child) and want to share them with you!
Here are the rules:
Post a comment about: What is your favorite "Spring Flower" and Why?
Post a link to my give away and every time someone says that they saw it on your web page gets their name added to the hat. Everyone must be entered by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, March 26th. I will randomly draw out a name and have it posted shortly after.
Good Luck!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Today I have spent almost all day in the kitchen making some yummy treats for Mrs. Underwood and Mrs. Bain....but.....I just had to take time to make these sweet little cookies for our "Not So Young Adult Class" at church tomorrow.
Easter is such a wonderful time for us to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus. Where would we be and what would we be without him and his sacrifice.
I do know one thing...Ms. Paula will be the first in line to get one of these sweet little babies!

Birthday's Galore

Janie Underwood ordered this darling cake for her grandson who just absolutely lives, eats, and breathes football. This 3D cake is a homemade chocolate cake with his favorite teams represented in the corners. Mrs. Underwood said he loves UT and the Titans!
Happy Birthday!
I have a wonderful customer that I have done a few things for...Jeanine Bain from Smithville is just the sweetest. It's her mother's birthday and she wanted one of my fabulous homemade white cakes with red roses. Happy Birthday and Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Every Girl Needs A Little Bling!

Susan Grandey is such a sweet friend! She can do some of the nicest things! She popped up at my house last Tuesday with this darling shirt! Susan knows that my favorite color is black! Girls...if you haven't checked out Susan Burks Designs, your missing out! I just love her blogspot. It is
I am adding it to the bottom of my list to some of my favorites!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Virus Alert!

To All My Blogger Friends,

Please take note to the following message!

There are people out there sending virus after virus on our blogspots. Two comments have been left on my web page from: kalar and galmaran. Both of these two have virus' attached to them. Please do not click on them! My good friend Paula Morris clicked on kalar and automatically had to do a virus sweep.

It's sad that in our times we have people who would be so vicious by sending something so it would attack their computer. My blogspot is set up so I can share my work and give a words of uplifting from time to time.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Spring Break here in Warren County!


Friday, March 14, 2008

Hoppy Easter

Paula Morris ordered this darling Bunny cake for the Pre-Pioneer Day Care. They are celebrating Easter today with a big old fashioned Easter Party!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Is In The Air & Birthday's Everywhere!

Today is Mrs. Reba Walker's Birthday. Her daughter Wendy said that her mother was a very traditional person. So...I chose to do this elegant homemade white cake in white and lavender buttercream icing. To set it apart from the rest, I chose to put beautiful fresh white and lavender daisy's on to make it a special cake from a daughter to her mother. Happy Birthday Mrs. Reba! Today is Avery McGiboney's birthday. Her mom Keri and I go way back. Her son Mason attended Day Care at my previous business. I met Avery about a month ago at Ray Dunn's birthday party. She was there with the Morris family. Avery is a very special little girl and loves Elmo! Keri told me that she loves chocolate just as much as her mom! This Elmo cake is my homemade chocolate cake with buttercream icing. Happy Birthday Avery!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Centertown Elementary Science Fair 2008

This year my son Dillon did his Science Fair Project on "Is All Of Our Water Safe To Drink?" We went to several different places in Warren Co. and took water samples. After 24 hours, we tested them at the Warren Co. Utility District Water Plant. We are so excited......Dillon won 1st place in the 6th through the 8th grade and was the Overall Winner & Best of Show in the Science Fair! I am so proud of Dillon!
This is my daughter Katie. She did a project with the help of her Daddy. Katie's project was titled. "How are roads and pavement made? Can I simulate this process with chocolate?" Katie did such a wonderful job with her project too! She was in the Top 3 in her class!

Katie and Dillon worked on their projects for about 2 weeks almost every day.

I am so very proud of my children! Way to go!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

University of Tennessee Lady Vols 2008 SEC Champions

Randi Fuston ordered this beautiful University of Tennesse cake.
Everyone is so proud of our Lady Volunteers! Last night's win over LSU had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Pat Summit should be very proud of her girls!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

March Madness

Tanarra Grissom placed this special order for a Thompson Boling Arena cake just especially for Richard.
With March Madness in full swing, I think that she chose the "Perfect" cake for this weekend!
I chose to put the fans as of course all orange for the Vols and yellow and black for Vanderbilt. I hope that the girls win tonight!
Enjoy Tanarra & Richard!

Snow White Cake On A Snowy Day

Leann Grissom ordered this darling cake back in January for Valentine's and when Valentine's came her entire family had strep throat.
We moved the date to today and I am so glad that everyone in her home is well!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Baseball Birthdays

Today is Grant Hitchcock's Birthday. Jacqueline ordered this cake last week after sampling the Diaper Shower cake at church. Jacqueline and David are a hoot! I've watched Grant and Ethan grow up to be very handsome boys (they look just like their mother!) Grant is a great baseball player! I've watch him sprout up from t-ball through coach pitch!
Happy Birthday Grant!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's #1 For The Tennessee Vols

Tanarra Grissom ordered these darling cookies for her hubby to take to work tomorrow.
These are a gourmet sugar cookie decorated in of course the traditional colors of a basketball and of course for our Number 1 Tennessee Volunteers.
John and I went with Terry and Patty Boyd a few weeks ago to see the Lady Vols play Rutger. It is absolutely an experience I will never forget!
I hope your hubby enjoys these! Thanks Tanarra, you and your entire family are wonderful customers!!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Maggie May Sliger Cake #2

Today I made Maggie May Sliger this darling cake. She is the daughter of Steve and Danielle Sliger. The Sliger family has had the flu and were unable to attend their Diaper Shower Sunday at Church. This darling cake will go home with them tonight. (Sorry Ms. Paula!)
This cake is a homemade white cake decorated with the most darling eatable baby booties and the sweetest pink and white fringe trim.

Happy 16th Birthday Leah Steakley!

Leah Steakley is celebrating her Sweet 16 Birthday today! I remember when Leah was just a tot and now she is a beautiful young lady! Jackie ordered this darling cake. Leah wanted a homemade white cake with chocolate butter cream icing with black and hot pink polka dots on it. Leah is so cute and this cake represents her youth!
Happy Birthday Leah!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Welcome Maggie May Sliger

The Sliger Family has been worshiping with us at Westwood for sometime now. Steve and Danielle have been blessed with two beautiful daughters!
Tomorrow our "Young Adult" class is going to give them a diaper shower. As most of you Mom's know that you never turn away diapers. I remember when John Ryan was born....John put the first pack of newborn diapers in the diaper stacker and he said "These will last us a month." They lasted less than a week.

I made this darling cake just with "Baby Maggie May" in mind. Pink booties and pink baby bears.

God blesses us with our children (the future of the church) and what a better way to welcome a baby into the congregation than a diaper shower!