Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Day High Lights

Go Big Orange! We are so proud of all of the boys on the University of Tennessee Volunteer football team! They played their hearts out yesterday in Tampa! The seniors that walked off the field yesterday for their final game as Volunteers can remember that moment forever! My husband works with Phil Fulmer's brother-Glenn, and I know for sure that Mrs. Fulmer was sitting on the edge of her rocking chair while that game was on! When they won the Championship in 98, Mrs. Fulmer, Glenn, and Phil and his family had breakfast together with us at Mrs. Fulmer's home in Winchester. They sure are sweet folks!

My friend Mona who lives in Hawaii called me a couple of weeks ago and told me that her son Scott and his girlfriend Jayme were going to the Cotton Bowl in New Orleans yesterday to watch the Warriors from the University of Hawaii play the Georgia Bull Dogs. Scott is a freshman at UH. John, Katie, and I were watching last night praying that UH would pull out a win. We are so proud of these boys from UH! They played their hearts out during the season this year! It is very, very hard to be undefeated! My hat goes out to those kids! Go Warriors!
And being a true southerner, I cooked my share of cabbage, hog jowel, and black eyed peas. Everyone in our home ate them yesterday! In 22 years I have never cooked them for New Year Day. With the luck we had in 2007, I cooked them and we ate them this year! I can tell you one thing, I sure do not like the smell of blackeyed peas cooking. Katie and I wanted to raise the windows on the house to let the smell out. Thank goodness I only have to do that once a year!

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