Monday, January 28, 2008

Blood Drive Honoring Andy Dunn

The Blood Drive honoring Andy Dunn is set in stone!!!
Monday, February 18, 2008
Westwood Church of Christ Fellowship Center
12 noon - 6 p.m.
All blood types are needed!
For On Line Registration:
Click "My Profile" to register. You only have to register one time.
Click "create a profile" (you can actually click the link to the left and go straight to the profile page from within this message)
After submitting your profile informtion, you can enter the Sponsor Code-Andy19 to be taken to this blood drive Select your appointment time. Once you set up your appointment time, you'll see a page with specifics about the blood drive. You will also receive an e-mail verifying your appointment time. An e-mail reminder will also be sent the day before the drive.
Please tell your friends and family about this wonderful cause!
If you would like to help with the Blood Drive, please leave me a comment or call me at 931-212-7303.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Updates of Andy Dunn-As of Monday, Feb. 4th

Today Lori Patterson, Susan Barrett, and Tammy Love went to visit Andy at the hospital. This an up-to-date picture of this sweet angel boy. Thank You Lori for sending this so I was able to post it!
..........SUNDAY EVENING, JAN. 27TH UPDATES..........

Just talked to Dot at 7:30 p.m. today and again at 8:30 p.m. Andy was vomiting this morning at 4 a.m. and then did pretty well today until this afternoon and tonight. He has thrown up a couple more times. She said he was restless and I could hear him in the back ground. In my prayers to our loving God, I ask for him to put his comforting hand upon Andy. Dot told me how he doesn't like to throw up. He is taking the Zofran and Phenegran around the clock. Dot did say he ate pretty good today before he got sick. Please pray for him and for Dot and Daryl. We love you guys very much!

**..........MONDAY LUNCH, JAN. 28TH UPDATES..........**

I have talked with Dot and with Daryl today and Andy had a ruff night last night. They are hoping that the staff has his medicine for his stomach regulated. When I talked to Daryl at 8:30 a.m. this morning they were putting a puzzle together and I could hear his precious voice in the background telling his Daddy to LOOK! I talked with Dot a little bit ago and she said he was doing better today than yesterday. He had actually walked around in the hallways some. At once point I could hear him giggle about something. I hope that they do get his med's regulated so he doesn't have to be sick with his stomach anymore! They are very excited that we got the Blood Drive set!
.....*****TUESDAY AFTERNOON, JAN. 29TH UPDATES*****.....
Just talked to Dot and she said that Andy has a bacterial infection and will not be able to come home for several days. They started a drip with some new meds in it so he can start fighting this infection. The doctor said he would be on this drip for 7 to 10 days. His white count is down pretty low. Gotta keep those nasty germs away. Oh, by the way, Dot had to have a root canal today. Bless their hearts!
:(..........WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, JAN. 30TH UPDATES..........:(
I talked to Dot at 3:10 p.m. today and Andy's not had as good of day today. He was napping and getting a blood transfusion all at the same time. She said that his blood counts were very low. His white blood count was 1.2 (it should be 4.5-10.0), his hemoglobin and red blood count were very low as well. His white blood count is his immune system. We need to keep those old nasty germs away from him. If he was to catch a bug, it could be very bad for him due to his immune system being so weak. This is his second blood transfusion and it is very important for us to donate blood for him. Please remember the blood drive on Feb. 18th at Westwood Church of Christ 12 noon till 6 p.m. Dot sounded so weak. I am very worried about her and Daryl. They are so very worried about their angel baby boy and need as much support as we all possibly can give. Also, please remember Ray, he is suffering with this as well. Please pray for all of them!
:)..........:)THURSDAY MORNING, JAN. 31ST UPDATE:)...............:)
Wow, I talked to Dot this morning about 9:30 and Andy was bouncing off the walls. What a unit of blood will do for someone who was as sick as he was yesterday. She told me that they have figured out that it's his "tubbie" (port-a-cath). If this antibiotic in his drip doesn't help, he will have to have it removed and a new one put in. That would mean another surgery. Dot sounded much, much better today. She had some pep in her voice. I will have the posters for the blood drive Monday morning. If you are interested in picking some up and would like to help post them through the community, please post a message or call me at 212-7303. 18 more days until the blood drive.
*****.....FRIDAY EVENING, FEB. 1ST UPDATE.....*****
I talked to Dot today a couple of times. Just talked to her tonight about 9:30 p.m. Andy is broke out from head to toe. He has been having a reaction to the antibiotic. They are going to change his antibiotic so the rash will quit. Poor little fella. He had a bad night last night and a ruff day today itching. It makes him feel so irritable and restless. Today Andy had a "Hair Cutting Party". Dot said he is so cute! His hair is shorter than his mommie's. Dot and Daryl are going to let Myrtice and Teresa stay with Andy tomorrow and come home for a few hours. Ray celebrates his 15th birthday tomorrow. They are also planning to go to the Benefit Squirrel Hunt in Andy's name tomorrow as well. It is an awsome our community has pulled together for Andy. From the hundreds of cards Andy has received to a Benefit Squirrel Hunt...The Possitive Support is UPLIFTING! Keep praying for Andy and the entire family! The posters for the blood drive will be delivered to my house Monday. If you are interested in posting some of them for us, please leave me a comment or call me...212-7303. We are going to post 150.
%..........SATURDAY EVENING, FEB. 2ND UPDATES..........%
Just talked to Dot (9:30 p.m.) Andy's white blood count was 0.3. Boy the chemo is really doing it's job whipping his blood counts down to nothing. While Daryl and Dot came home for Ray's birthday party and the Benefit Squirrel Hunt....Momma D and Teresa Priestly fed Andy Coke and Reeces Cups. Dot said he was on a major sugar high. Dot said that they were very humbled by the outpour of support and how many people, that they didn't know, were involved in the Squirrel Hunt. Susan is going to get started with the Bone Marrow Drive just after our Blood Drive is complete. Remember.....Feb. 18th @ Westwood Church of Christ.....Blood Drive!!!!!
Please continue to pray for Andy and the staff who is helping him.
Andy's white blood count is 0.1 today. He is cranky and restless. They are praying that they get to come home on the 8th (just as long as he doesn't spike a fever) Just keep praying!
I talked to Dot just before bed and she said Andy hadn't eaten much that day. He wasn't drinking at all either. He is withering. His blood count is still 0.1 and he got some more blood as well. Today will probably be another bad day. We are hoping that the blood will make him feel better. Please keep sending him cards and note of support. They cherish each one! PRAY!

Place Your Orders For The Super Bowl

Wow, I can't believe that it is Super Bowl time again! For those who don't know my family very well, we're sports fan-atics!
I will be taking orders for the Super Bowl until Friday at 5 p.m.
From finger foods to a full meal, just sit back and enjoy the ball game and let me take care of the food!
Give me a call at 212-7303!

Valentine's Is Just Around The Corner

A "special person" did something special for me, so I had to fix a little "something" for her!

Thank You Tabetha!

With Valentine's just around the corner, I had to share this vintage Valentine I found.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Time To Warm Up Part II

Ok, I promised a couple of weeks ago that I would post more pictures to help warm us up. This first picture is Mona, John, and me after lunch at the JW Marriott. Of course, John let everyone know he was a Tennessee Volunteer. By the way, Mona is on manovers with the Hawaii Air Guard until Feb. 6th in Thialand. I pray she has a safe trip!
This is a picture from Pali Highway at Kaneohe where Mona lives. The clouds hug up to the top of the mountains every day. It is absolutely breath taking!

This is Turtle Bay on the North Shore. The waves in the winter time are huge, this is of course was taken in the month of May. The beautiful waters are absolutely breath taking! The light house in the distance is a huge attraction. I will put in a picture of Sunset Beach, North Shore soon. That's where the Pipe Line Surfing is hosted each January.

You can not go to the North Shore without stopping at the famous Matsumoto's General Store at Haleiwa. The shaved ice is absolutely the best I have ever eaten! This business has been open for almost 100 years. The locals started going there while they were up there for the waves. I think that there were as many locals in line as tourist. When we stopped, there was a line about 90+ people wrapped outside the building, around the corner, and down the street. I know why, it was that good!
I hope I have warmed you up some, since it's so cold and no snow in sight.

The Sweet Treat For The Week!

What a beautiful cake! This Strawberry Shortcake is a wonderful addition for any occassion. A single layer or multiple layers. Any size would be great for any occassion! This mouth watering cake is homemade with the most delicious icing with the most delicious strawberries gently placed on top!

Happy 5th Birthday Kasen Loh

Jennifer Loh e-mailed me about a month ago and asked me to make cakes for all of the members of her family. Kasen's birthday came first. Kasen loves Thomas The Tank Engine and his wish is my command. This darling cake has a yellow cake center (homemade) with Vanilla Butter Cream icing. I stuck with the colors of Thomas' train set. The train really moves around on the track. I know when my boys were little how they loved trains! Enjoy!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Pioneerettes Are Off To Orlando & Nationals

Someone once said that "Presentation is Everything". These were a complete joy to do
I've watched these girls go from 4 yr. old toddlers at the Ballet Recital to beautiful young ladies. I hope that you girls "Dance Till You Drop!"
My "Non-Biological Sister" Susan Grandey called me about 2 weeks ago ordering these absolutely cool cookies for the Pioneerettes. She requrested them to be in the school colors of Red, White and Blue. They will be representing Warren County and in the past have been the Nation Champions. The "Ettes" will be leaving in just a few days for Orlando and competing for the National Championship at UDA.
Good Luck Girls! I hope that you girls knock their socks off!

Go Leah Rae!
The girls are doing an absolutely cool dance routine this year. They are doing a "Super Bowl" theme. The girls are wearing the Giants and Patriots jerseys.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Dreaded Question Has Been Asked

I was asked by a friend once, "Do you really enjoy your job?" My answer was YES!
Each job that I have weather it is a Birthday Cake, an Anniversary Cake, Trays, Homemade Pies or Homemade Cakes, Dinner Party/Luncheon, or a Wedding Reception.....I always get excited because it allows me to get creative. Sometimes I lay awake at night thinking about how I want to design something or I really will wake up at 2 or 3 a.m. and it hits me like a ton of bricks. And yes, it is all in the presentation. This same friend asked me, "You make your plates so colorful." Of course, it's got to look great and taste great as well.
The cake that I have above is a wonderful example of how you can "change up things". For the non-traditional bride, this cake is great for you!
Let me take the worry out of your memorial event!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Updates As Of Sunday Evening, January 27th On Andy Dunn

This is the Dunn family. They are very special friends of ours. Daryl and Dot with sons Ray and Andy. Andy is 4 years old and is in Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville.
He has a mass attached to his Adrenal Gland. This is behind his kidney/liver area. It is called neuroblastoma. He will have surgery to remove the mass Monday or Tuesday. He also has lesions on his pelvis and his femur. They are afraid that it has mestatized. He is in pain and is running a fever. His hemoglobin is very low.
Please, please pray for him. He is my "little buddy" that I talked about with the Sponge Bob cake.
The Dunn Family are such "good people". Their children are their life.
The surgeon has told them that he has 5 or 6 spots all over and around his chest area. This cancer is eating him up. Please pray for him, his brother Ray, his parents, the doctors, nurses, and anyone who is caring for him at Vanderbilt!
Andy went through the surgery this afternoon. He is in recovery. They took out the mass and his adrenal gland with some lympnodes. The path report will be back tomorrow and we will know more then. Please keep praying for my little Andy!
**********LATE MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 21ST UPDATE!!!!!*********
I spoke with Dot and she said that the cancer is in his bone marrow. He will have surgery today for the port-a-cath and will start treatment pretty soon. He is on the 6th floor at Vanderbilt's Children's Hospital. Dot was almost unable to talk.
I am in the process of organizing a blood drive and a bone marrow drive for him. I will keep you posted when I know the dates and times.
Dot called me last night about 11 p.m. and said that Andy will start his chemo on Thursday. He will be very sick for almost 2 weeks from the chemo. They are hoping to have the path reports back late this evening. I will post it when I hear from Dot again. Dot relayed to me that they appreciate all of the phone calls and know that everyone is ralling around Andy. They ask for you to continue to pray for Andy through this long process. He has been moved to the 6th floor, Room 6311 which is the Onocology floor. Only two people are allowed in to see him. The big thing right now is that he can not be exposed to any germs.
Chemo will not start today because blood levels are too low. It will begin Friday.
Chemo is set for tomorrow. The bone scan has come back showing that the cancer is in his bone marrow in his pelvis, top and bottom of his femurs along with his hips. He got the news today that he will be the receptient of "Make A Wish". The blood drive will be through the American Red Cross. I will keep you posted when the date and time is set. Tomorrow will be a very hard day for Andy with the chemo. He needs your prayers to continue.
I spoke to Dot at 4:30 p.m. and Andy was getting a blood transfusion. She said that his color was looking much better and it would take a few hours for the transfusion to be completed. He will begin his chemo Saturday morning. The chemo takes 3 days for it to drip completely through. Dot and Daryl are overwhelmed with all of the phone calls, cards, visits, gifts and most of all your prayers. Please keep praying for him and his whole family. We never know what lies before us and what tomorrow will bring. The next few days will be hard for Andy and he will be weak. He is such a precious little one and we pray that Andy has a quick and full recovery very, very soon! Blood Drive info. will come soon!
ANDY HAS STARTED HIS CHEMO! Dot called me about 3:30 p.m. today and said that he was sleepy and wanted to take a nap. The chemo is a 3 day drip. She said that he had eaten alot today and I am so glad he has. She and I talked about how important it was for him to have some nutrition in him before he started this chemo. I hope and pray that it doesn't make him sick. The staff has told her that if it was going to make him very sick it would be Sunday. They said it depends on the patient's system if they get sick or not. I hope and pray he's like the little boy Dot was telling me that could eat Taco Bell after his treatments.
...........**SUNDAY EVENING UPDATE, JANUARY 27TH**..........
I just spoke with Dot (7:45 p.m.) and Andy has been sick vomiting a couple of times today. Once about 4 a.m. and once again this afternoon. He is very restless and not feeling well. I can't help but look to God through prayer to help give Dot and Daryl strength to get through this terrible time. I pray that Andy will be comforted and that God's loving hand is placed upon him. He is such a precious child, it is so hard to see him like this. I encourage everyone who reads this to stop what you are doing and say a prayer for him.

Hey Girls!

Check out the beautiful bracelet that Donna is giving away on her blog! (Sparkles and Eccentrics)

Her blogspot is linked at the bottom of my blog.

Tell her that you saw it here on my blogspot!

You bet I've entered! Her jewelry is absolutely classic!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Wedding Season Is Just Around The Corner

I have been so busy the last few days getting all of my posts correct for my Upcoming Events!
You can tell that Spring is just around the corner when you start booking Weddings for May. I have 4 Weddings for the month of May! I am continuing to book Wedding Receptions along with Rehearsal Dinners.
If you are interested, please contact me asap so you can be added to the book.
I do believe that the Neyland Stadium cake is the absolute hit with the Grooms in May. I have 3 Neyland Stadium Grooms Cakes and One Cubs Grooms Cake.
I do believe that Love Is In The Air!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

After The Ceremony

Your reception represents your personality.

Let me make your personality sparkle!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And The Award Goes To.....

Today has been an unusually busy day, of course Wednesday's usually are...So I decided to give this award to 3 deserving blog spots. The first is to Donna Spangler at Sparkles and Essentials, the second goes to Brandie Mansfield at Dream Custom Art Work, and third Toree at The Cravens 5!
Congratulations girls! I really enjoy looking at your blog spots!

Here Comes Sponge Bob!

My little buddy Andy wanted me to show him my Sponge Bob cake!

He is absolutely adorable!


All I can say about this beautiful white cake is.......Classy!
I just absolutely adore this tray of strawberries dipped in chocolate.
I love the topper as a bride and groom all decked out.
This would make a beautiful Grooms Table addition!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snowman Family Cake

Today is Daryl Dunn's birthday! (Ok, Ray...I spelled it right this time! lol) I surprised Daryl with this Snowman cake. It's Daryl, Dot, Ray, and my little buddy Andy.
This was so much fun! Daryl never dreamed that I would pop in at 7:15 p.m. tonight with his surprise. Ok, Daryl even picked up on the silver sparkles that I brushed on so it would resemble ice and snow. I guess you would have thought that I had a break down today after posting my favorite place in the sun. Oh well, I just got a call from Dot and they were so happy and of course her kids were bouncing off the walls! (At least I didn't add chocolate milk or Sundrop)

Looking For Some Warm Sun and Breezes

Yes, I know that it is January, and it's about 30* today....but, my heart belongs in the sun with the sand between my toes. I wanted to share some of my favorite places that I love to visit. Especially with it being 80* there right now! My friend Mona lives in Kaneohe, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Kaneohe is on the bay on the east side of the island. It is surrounded by mountains. The picture in my header is of Hanauma Bay. It is like a picture post card. We went snorkeling there one afternoon after sunning ourselves at Waikiki. We swam with the fish on the reef and what was so funny is when John met up with an eel. Now, I know that you need a full day there! One of my favorite ways to from Mona's house to Honolulu is on Pali Hwy. The views are breath taking! From mountains with beautiful clouds looming at their peaks to beautiful Stairway To Heaven. It has two underground tunnels that bring you right into Waikiki. These pictures are of a beautiful wedding chapel that is located at the JW Marriott Hotel. Couples get married there every 30 minutes 24 hours per day 7 days per week. If you are dreaming of a destination wedding, well look no further! The glass on the windows are the most beautiful stained glass I have ever seen! Also, you can rent everything that you need from them right there and don't have to worry about bringing it the 4,900 miles.
The main reason John and I wanted to go there was for the beautiful 3 Pools. These 3 lagoons are absolutely to die for! We were on a mission that day with Mona to make it up to the North Shore and go to Sunset Beach and Turtle Bay. All I can say is that I am so blessed by sharing this with John. I had been several years ago but had not been back in several years. But I guess you can see that we absolutely soaked up some sun.
Ok, this is Sandy Beach. Sandy Beach is about 15 minutes from Hanauma Bay. Mona's husband Gordon said that we were Loh Loh's for going swimming there. I know that I wanted to take John to where the surfers were long boarding. We had an absolute ball. We took our lunch and camped out there all day. Of course that is John with his hands on his hips watching that 15' wave come in. That would be the one that took him out. In the winter months, the currents make the waves at the North Shore large. In the summer months the currents push the waves up at the southern shores. The only thing I wish I had was an inter tube! We were almost crippled after that day, but boy I wouldn't trade it for anything!

This is the lookout at Sandy Beach. To the left is the beach and to the right is this breath taking set of cliffs. This is where Here To Eternity was filmed. You can't see them, but there are people actually swimming down there in the lagoon area. They are the Loh Loh's.

I will try to share more photo's and comments to help warm all of us up! I promise that I will leave out the ones with me in my swim suit!

Monday, January 14, 2008

And The Winner Is.....

Ok, I asked my husband John to draw out the lucky winner of my January Dinner for Two...
And the winner is......
Brandie Mansfield
Contradulations Brandie! I will contact you about the date and time!
I would like to say a great big Thank You to all of the ladies who entered or who said that they saw it on someone elses blogspot!

**I will have another drawing for a wonderful prize the beginning of February!**

It's Not A Secret Any More!

Ok girls, I got the scoop! My friend Donna Spangler has started a wonderful business and I just am about to bust if I don't get to tell you about it! It is called Sparkles and Eccentrics. Her blogspot is linked at the bottom of my page! You have to check her out! She has the most wonderful taste in jewelry! Starting immediately girls, you can order a cake and add as a topper a beutiful necklace or bracelet. She has all types of necklaces and bracelets. Could you image getting this as a birthday present with your cake or even Valentines Day coming soon? Ok girls, we all know that our husbands and or boyfriends are sometime needing some "self-help-skills" when it comes to buying us gifts. I know my husband has to have directions pointed every once and a while. Pass the word on to all of your friends and especially to your spouses. Her prices are really great for the absolutely A+ quality she has in all of her pieces. If you came by the Civic Center for the Craft Fair back in November, her booth was to my left. Don't miss her page, I sure am glad I found it!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Sunday Lunch Crew

Ok, the Sunday Lunch Crew went to Lacazona today for lunch. Today we had such a good time with Daryll & Dot Dunn and their kids, Rudie and Kathy Thomsen and their son, and Susan Grandey and her youngest daughter and her friend Haley. We all decided that it is ok for Coy to call us the "Not So Young-Young Adult Class" at church. We have been giving him a hard time about referring to us as that, but it is ok now. Today we missed the Britton crew. Big Dave is off to Michigan for a business trip and Joyce was on boy patrol.

I guess where I am going with this of the most important things you can do together is to fellowship. We need to stop and have good fellowship on a regular basis. Dot mentioned to us that we need to start once a month having a "Not So Young Adult" movie night/card game night. I agree 100%! If you girls are like me, you are over worked and under paid! Being a mom is hard work! Sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses! And of course, I don't get to do that much any more! With ball season coming up, I sure won't get much time for anything!

Well girls, I guess I had better go and get everyone started getting ready for p.m. worship services...And now I am stiff getting up. "Not So Young Adults....yeah!"

PS-Thanks Ms. Paula for the Twix this morning at church! I was having a horrible sinking spell!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Evan and Erin McDowell

Jenny McDowell told me during Christmas that she needed cakes for her sweet children-Evan and Erin's 6th birthdays. Of course all little girls love Hello Kitty and a boy wouldn't be a boy without John Deere. Jenny and Charles are dear friends of ours and their other son Cully is just an absolute hoot! Cully is just the sweetest little fella. Happy Birthday Evan and Erin!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January Suprise Give-Away

OK my blogger friends, I thought about this for the last few days am so happy to share this with you! What a better way to start the New Year than by giving away a "Surprise Dinner For Two". What girl doesn't love a surprise and not having to cook! I will post the lucky winner's name after it has been drawn. Here are the rules....Tell me what you enjoy the most about Valentine's Day. Maybe something you did, something you received, ideas, food....I hope you see where I am going. I will randomly draw a name on Monday, January 14th...that's only 5 days away....Good luck and tell me what your most fond memories are about Valentine's.
**If you link this post to to your blog and others play along and mention your name you will be added for each additional comment!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fabulous Chocolate

Chocolate, what more do I need to say!
These beautiful chocolate cakes are absolutely to die for! These cakes are great for a birthday celebration, anniversary celebration, as a grooms cake, or a dinner party dessert.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Congrat's To The Loh's

Congrat's go to this darling couple! Jennifer and Jason tied the knot just a few days ago on the beach in Florida!

The Westwood Christmas Party "After Christmas"

Ok, this was our first year to attend Westwood's annual Christmas Party after Christmas. There were 45 of us that found out way over to David and Jacqueline Hitchcock's home. Their home is so beautiful! I laughed until the back of my head hurt. We had an absolute blast last night! This bunch of people are absolutely the most happy, fun-filled group I have ever been involved with! The gift that you were to bring to play Dirty Santa was suppose to be the "Worst Christmas Gift You Received This Year". See Jason Cripps in the orange, he is into some mischief on my behalf and I didn't know what was coming until it had hit.
The guys were constantly stealing this one gift during Dirty Santa. A little camo pouch with wire pliers. You would have thought that there was money packed down in it or something. Dot and Darrell Dunn, Tammy Womach and Amy Eisler had the conspiring going on. They had a system until we all figured it out!
Still more gift stealing. I don't know how many times things got stolen. I think that they are trying to figure out a way to help Neil Helton the next time he locks himself out of the house, with pneumonia, at night, no one at home, and .........Bless his new neighbors. Also, I have all new appreciation for "brief cases". Bless Coy!

Beth Deason, Patty Boyd, and I were sitting together conspiring for my husband John to steal Ms. Paula Morris' King size comforter she had gotten. As we were leaving I finally confessed to Paula what we were doing. She told me the funniest thing. She said that when she was coming down the steps from the play room, she missed a step and thought she hurt her neck. She said it was touch and go for a minute but she was ok. She is so crazy!

Humpty Dumpty Is The Man

I just had to share this absolutely darling Humpty Dumpty cake.
When I look at this cake I have such fond memories of being in Pre-School at Westwood so many years ago. Ms. Betty was my teacher and she would read that book to us.

Friday, January 4, 2008

A New Twist On A Bridal Shower Or Wedding Treat

Serve these cookies at a Bridal Shower or at a Wedding as a take home treat for your guest!
You would be the talk of the town!

Custom orders for every Bridal party! No two orders are alike!