Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Celebrating 50 In Style

Today was Joey Grandey's 50th Birthday. We had been planning a party for the original gang at Susan's house for a few days. Of course, Lauren and Leah were in on it as well. Susan had asked me to make some cupcakes for his birthday with the number 50 in black on each one of them. What's absolutely funny is that I had no idea that her plates had the exact style of font I chose to do his 50 in. That is awesome!
I am planning on putting the party pictures on my family web page tomorrow, as soon as they are edited.

I also made Joey my "Famous" Baked Beans. He was so excited to have them and I have a new fan, Tim Martin loved them too! They are a "Secret Recipe" that I will not share with anyone!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Family's Tradition-Homemade Jam Cakes

Granny Greene always made Homemade Jam Cakes when John was growing up. My mother-in-law still carries on the tradition. She gave me Granny Greene's "Secret Recipe" a couple of years ago. She has taught Katie how to make them as well. This is a fresh one ready to be eaten. The caramel icing is to die for! They can also be frozen and used later on. She will bring us one each year and we'll put it in the freezer and use it on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day.
Orders will be taken for these mouth watering Homemade Jam Cakes for the holidays beginning today. Please shoot me an e-mail at jtubb@blomand.net or give me a shout and we'll get you fixed up for the holidays!

Surprise Friday!

My friend Christi asked me to make something special for a friend of hers that is in the hospital. So.....I found this darling parfait glass and of course a girl's gotta have her chocolate with a splash of fru fru. When someone is in the hospital, it is so nice for someone to think of you and what a better way to say "Get Well Soon!"

I just love the McGiboney family. Mary Jane asked me several weeks ago to make a Surprise Anniversary gift for David and Joyce Britton. Their anniversary is Sunday. She asked me to make them a Sugar Free White Chocolate Cheesecake. This is one of my best selling pies. It is a wonderful smooth homemade pie and if you like cheesecake, you'll love this!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Katie's Party Goodies

Katie wanted several different things for her party. She wanted Halloween Cookies, Pretzels Dipped In Chocolate with Halloween Sprinkles, Orange and Mango Punch, Swirly Chips, and Pink Strawberry Cake.
I had told you earlier that Katie helped with some of her goodies. Bless her heart, she dipped and sprinkled these pretzels. She did an awesome job!

She was so excited about her cake! She did not know that it was going to look like this! This is the first time she had seen it completed.
I Love You Katie Bug!

Cakes And Cookies With More To Come!

Today we are celebrating Katie's Belated Birthday. Her birthday was in August, but she wanted to wait and have a party after Basketball season had started so she could invite all of her friends from the school team. She asked me to make her a Homemade Strawberry Cake and decorate it like it was a present. She loves pink and chocolate brown. I had to put her Signature "K" on it as well. We have lots of goodies made up for her guests. I will post more of them this afternoon. Some....she made herself.
My sweet friend Betty Walker asked me to make these beautiful cookies for her son Eric's Open House at Walker Gardens for today. I have been experimenting with "My Own Glaze Recipe" and have come up with a winner!!! This recipe is not from any recipe book anywhere! I hope that the entire Walker Family enjoys these along with their customers today! Thank You Ms. Betty!
Tammy Crouch is a wonderful friend. She asked me to make this beautiful cake for her future Grand-daughter's Baby Shower. I made her a wonderful Homemade Strawberry Cake, used Homemade Chocolate Buttercream Icing, Regular Buttercream Icing, and used the Pink and Brown Lady Bugs in each corner. This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL cake! I loved what she asked me to write on it: "A Gift from God Kaidence Hope Crouch". Timeless!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

I have had several items that I wanted to share with you but couldn't because they were all surprises. I have a couple more that I haven't posted, but I will get those pictures edited asap and get them posted too! Today is Kara Youngblood's 21st Birthday! She is the Big 21! Her mom Pam asked me to make her a special cake just for her special day! Kara loves pink, black, white, red, jewels, polk-a-dots, stripes, ribbons, her initial K, and my fabulous homemade classic white cake! I think that I hit most of those right on the target. When Pam picked it up last night, she was so excited! The Bling on top for her 21 was perfect!

My dear friend Susan Grandey asked me to make this darling cake for our mutual friend Penny Shockley. Penny has been the Pioneerette Dance Team Coach for several years and is now the Sophomore Principal at WCHS. I was so honored to do this for them. I have been able to know and love Penny over the past few years and felt very, very honored to make this for her. I had her children in WCYB in T-Ball and enjoyed them so very much! Let's say she was very surprised at her party!

Congrat's Penny!

Oh my goodness, my friend Alene Pedigo asked me to make this cake for a Surprise Party they were throwing her a Surprise 70th Birthday Party! Anita is a hoot! I love talking to her! Alene and Anita worked together for several years through the Warren Co. School System.
Her daughter Stephanie gave Alene this picture of her mother. They wanted the picture transferred on to the cake as an eatable transfer. Their wish was easily filled! For a small fee...any picture can be transferred to a template and put right on a cake! The cake is a Classic White Cake with Almond flavoring.
Happy Birthday Ms. Anita and You do look good!
My son John Ryan works with Vanessa McBride at Lowe's. She said that he is always talking about how delicious and creative my cakes are. She called me and asked me to make this darling 3D Spiderman cake for her. He's all homemade Classic White cake with lots of detail.

Talissa Pelham and her friends at Dr. Watlington's office ordered lunch just for them yesterday and wanted My Signature Chicken Salad on Croissants and some of my Homemade Sugar Cookies. With the season of Halloween in the air.....these ghost's are the perfect touch!

My daughter Katie is holding a tray of my Signature Chicken Salad on Croissant. Kathy Ewton and her parents called and asked me to make this and deliver it to the Raymond Basham Family. Pam McCullock had asked me to make a Banana Split Pie for her Dad Raymond, but I had no clue how sick he was.

Anna and Weslee's Mom ordered these two cool cakes for their surprise parties. Anna loves horses and Weslee loves anything to do with hunting and UT.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

3 Years Running & Still Number 1

I just had to share a couple of the pictures that we took tonight at the 3 Point Club Invitational Basketball Tournament 2008. Katie's team has won it 3 years running! Way to go Centertown Lady Warriors!!!!!
The girls from the Lady Warriors team who received All Tournament were Katie Tubb, Emily Smith, and Karagan Turner.

We are so proud of all of our girls!

Check out our family web page and Katie's web page for more pictures and more details!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Granny Ette's 74th Birthday Party

Tomorrow a very special Grandmother will have a "Surprise" Party in her honor. Theresa Harrison ordered this cake celebrating her mother's birthday! She said that her mother has the most beautiful long finger nails and her enjoyment is having them painted in bright colors especially Hot Pink. They have lots of family members coming in for her party. Some coming in as far as Pennsylvania.
Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Teela Mason

Today is Teela Mason's birthday. This morning I got the sweetest phone call from Debbie Jennings. Wesley is in Teela's class at Hickory Creek Elementary. She said that she always gives her children's teachers a sweet little something for their birthday. She asked me to whip up something for Teela's special day. So....I decided on making my Homemade Red Velvet Cake and drizzle my Homemade Buttercream Icing. I will be delivering it to Teela shortly at school. I know Teela very well, she will be so surprised!
Happy Birthday to my dear, dear friend Teela Mason!