Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May Wedding #5-Summer Wilson, Cookeville

Collin and Summer chose this beautiful cake for their wedding reception. Summer is a teacher in Cookeville and has the most beautiful heart. She requested a white stacked cake with black ribbon on each layer. When the cake was delivered, the cake topper was added along with some beautiful Austrian Crystal pins to bling it up even more. Summer and I had discuss about the design of her cake and she told me that I could "just make it elegant". When she saw it she was absolutely excited and more than pleased. The Cornelle Lace was the perfect touch. Colin and Summer are huge UT fans and what a better representation of Neyland Stadium than a miniature version. He was so amazed at the detail.
Good Luck to the new couple and to all of my brides and grooms!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

May Wedding #4 Misti Hathcock and Seth Dudley

Today I helped celebrate the joining of this beautiful couple. Misti is the daughter of Coy and Betty Ann Hathcock. Coy is our minister. They are the most beautiful couple!
Misti chose this beautiful ivory square cake on columns trimmed in white with beautiful white pearls accenting each layer. In between each layer were the flowers matching her beautiful bouquet. The lighted fountain was absolutely stunning!

Misti chose to host her reception under the beautiful canopy of her parents front yard. We have tropical fruit-k-bobs and chocolate in my beautiful chocolate fountain.

Absolutely a beautiful spring day and the most wonderful food ever!
Linda Golden was a wonderful help with organizing the coordination of the reception area! Thank You Mrs. Linda and also to Mrs. Pat McClaren!

Seth's favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs. Of course, what a better and more suited Grooms Cake than this!

Cake Catch Up

I am so sorry that I haven't posted some of my work from this week, but I have been soooo busy with Misti Hathcock's and Summer Wilson's weddings today. Dot Dunn called me and asked me to make a special cake for Andy to give to Mrs. June Haley. Andy calls June " June Bug" and Aubrey "Candy Man". Andy wanted me to make her a special "June Bug" cake for her birthday Thursday. John Ryan wanted to deliver it to her for me and he said that it was the sweetest sight when Mrs. June came to the door. He said she was like a little kid on Christmas morning! Happy Birthday June! I love you Andy!
Michelle Prater e-mailed me a several weeks back and needed a birthday cake for her son's 5th birthday and some cookies for party favors. Michelle is such a wonderful person and I really enjoy her and her friendship!
This truck was right up a 5 year old boys alley! Happy Birthday!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Tubb Family

This is an updated picture of our family! Since John Ryan is back home from college, we're finally complete.
One of our favorite things is to attend church together. Sometimes that is almost impossible when he was away at college, but with him back home...we soak every minute of family time up!

Katie Tubb Wins Awards!

Katie won a few awards this year at the Awards Day Ceremony at Centertown Elementary. Katie received an award for SCORING A PERFECT 6 ON HER TCAP LANGUAGE TEST! Katie and Emily Scott were the only two children at Centertown that had the perfect score! She also won awards in Basketball and Theatre Club.

Ms. Moore was presented this award by the girls and Felicia at the ceremony. They were Undefeated for Pre-Season Tournament, Season, & Post-Season Tournament play. We are so proud of you Katie! We Love You!
The new banner has been hung in the new gym of the new school! Ms. Moore seems to think that we might have a Shannon Bobbitt or Candice Parker in the midst!

Dillon Is An Official Freshman

On Thursday, May 15th...Dillon's 1 Yr. Anniversary from his hip injury...he graduated from the 8th grade at Centertown Elementary.
He is pictured with some of his friends from his class. Ashlen (black and pink) and Annie (black and white) have been really good friends to Dillon. This time last year Ashlen and Dillon communicated via web cam. She was at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital after having surgery on her spine and Dillon was re-cooperating from his hip surgeries.
Annie & Ashlen were part of the crew that Dillon went "cruising" with after the graduation program was completed. They "cruised" around McMinnville then off to Murfreesboro for reservations at Chili's at 10 p.m.
Dillon had a blast and is excited about High School!
Congratulations Dillon! We Love You!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Andy Dunn's 5th Birthday Bash!

Today we celebrated Andy Dunn's 5th Birthday with the biggest bash McMinnville has ever seen. With the Motorcycle Gang, to the Air Plane Fly By, to Jugglers, Magicians, and everything in between. Andy was a RIOT! This is the cake that he specifically ordered from Vanderbilt Children's Hospital about 3 weeks ago. Andy specifically to the very detail told me how he wanted it. He wanted a Sand Castle. He even had a picture of the exact cake he wanted............. I guess by the smile on his face....he loved it!
I put 5 candles on Mr. Andy's cake and he preceded to add the other 5 that was in the package. I guess that if he was going to have to blow out candles...why not all of them.
When the coast was clear from all of the candle blowing he did...my boy just stuck his hand right in and got him a handful and just made himself home! What more could you want...your very own birthday cake all to himself!
Andy will be in Vanderbilt Children's Hospital during his actual calendar birthday, June 9th. He will be in the middle of his stem cell transplant and will be in quarantine for several months.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

May Wedding #3-Stefan Johnson & Mary Cooper, Murfreesboro, TN

Today Mary Cooper will become the bride of Stefan Johnson at Cannonsburg in Murfreesboro. I am so blessed by getting to know this sweet couple. The reception is being held at Mary's parents home. The wedding cake is a creation that Stefan, Mary, and I came up with several months ago. A traditional white cake with a beautiful scarlet red ribbon and pearls adorning each layer. Mary has decorated their home, inside and out. Out by the pool is the Grooms cake. With lights draped on everything, a beautiful sparkling pool, and a tent with a beautiful dance floor made by Mary's dad, this absolutely "To Die For" Grooms cake just fits for the party afterwards. Stefen called me back in January specifically wanting this as his Grooms cake.
Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Johnson!
When I delivered the cakes to Mary's parents home...Mary was absolutely beautiful...glowing and radiant!

May all of my Brides feel the same as she was feeling today!

Friday, May 16, 2008

May Wedding #2-Benny & Kimberly Merriman

Kimberly is one of my regular customers with my other business. She is just the sweetest and happiest lady ever! She called me and asked me if I would stop by her office for something that was very important. So I wheeled in at Tennessee Title Loans and asked her what was up. She preceded to tell me the sweetest story about her and Benny. Benny and Kimberly were married a few years ago, but divorced do to some problems that Benny was struggling with. She said that since then...Benny has completely change his life and has put God first in it. She and Benny will be married tomorrow at Pioneer Community Church. You should have seen their girls eyes when I walked in with this beautiful cake. Kimberly was so excited and looked like she was glowing! Good Luck and Congratulations to this darling family!
This cake is a wonderful example of what Kimberly wanted-Simple Elegance. This cake is a homemade Vanilla with buttercream icing. To compliment the cake, Kimberly chose chocolate brown and Tiffany box blue ribbon for each layer. Of course, you can't miss the beautiful wedding cake topper. Just the perfect thing for the perfect cake!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Graduation 2008-Centertown Elementary School

Tonight my middle son Dillon will be graduating the 8th grade at Centertown Elementary School. Dillon is so very excited about graduating and looking ahead to being a Freshman this fall at the High School. Dillon is pictured here on Awards Day this past Tuesday, the 13th. Dillon won a very honorable award this year. He was the Over-All Winner of the 2007-2008 Science Fair. He got a special plaque along with a certificate and ribbon. We are so proud of Dillon! Dillon had a horrible year in 2007 with the "Super Virus" and breaking his hip. But look at him now! Dillon.....We Love You Very Much And Are So Proud Of You!

After Graduation tonight 15 of the graduates will be boarding a beautiful Hummer Stretch Limo for a "Night On The Town". They have made plans and are so excited. They have reservations at Chili's tonight at 10:30 p.m. I am going to surprise them with this darling graduation cake. The next graduation these kids will attend will be in 2012.
Today, I surprised his homeroom with these darling graduation cap cookies. I hope you enjoy them and enjoy today!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Deason's Graduation Bash

Jennifer Moore called me a few weeks ago about the kid's in the Deason family who will be graduating this year!
It doesn't matter if you're graduating Kindergarten, 5th or 8th Grades, High School or College....you need a big pat on the back!
The Deason's will be having a big Camo Party for their 3 graduates!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

May Wedding #1: Kayla Boyd & Johnathan York

Kayla Boyd and Johnathan York's wedding is today. Kayla picked out a beautiful elegant cake. This cake is absolutely stunning! The bottom layer is classic white, the second layer is strawberry, the third layer is chocolate and the anniversary layer is their favorite....yellow. My homemade chocolate and yellow cakes are their favorites!
Kayla chose lavender and pink as her accent colors. They are absolutely beautiful with the scroll work and pearls.

Johnathan is an absolute "Outdoorsman"! He loves camo and what more suiting than a camo cake. This cake is the hunters choice!
Congrat's to the beautiful couple! Bab's was so worried when she heard that our home was hit with the tornado...so she sent Johnathan out to help and make sure we were ok. These two have been an absolutely wonderful couple to work with! Their excitement is so youthful!
Good Luck!

Birthday's and Mother's Day

Jamie Lorance ordered this darling IPod cake for her daughter Kinsley's birthday/slumber party. She saw it in the Family Fun magazine and asked me to make it. It was in her favorite color...pink and even had the licorice & gum drop head phones. Happy Birthday Kinsley!
We've been playing a mischievous game around my house keeping this secret from Babs Boyd and Johnathan York's mother. Johnathan wanted to surprise his mother and future mother-in-law with a "Special Mother's Day Cake" from him. Kayla tried to figure out what my blog schedule meant...but we kept it a "Top Secret" because he was so excited about giving it to them! When I went to set up Kayla's cakes Bab's was so excited and so tickled over her big surprise! I am so glad to know that Bab's and I are cousins! Isn't it a small world!

Angela Heffington ordered this cake for her son's birthday for today! The Heffington's are members at Westwood and are related to John through his grandmother Beatrice Tubb. Brandon's favorite past times are to play soccer and football. Brandon is on the WCMS teams and really enjoys sports! Happy Birthday Brandon!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wedding Cakes

I have several wedding cakes that can be found if you scroll down to the Archive's and you can click on each month and see more of my beautiful wedding cakes. I will post a new wedding cake each week...since I have 5 weddings this month!

The Surgi-Center Calls

Two very special friends of mine just happen to work at the same place....and....placed orders for cakes and cookies. Paula Lynn and I go waaaaay back to our pre-k years. Paula is the office manager at the Surg - Center. She ordered this beautiful homemade Vanilla cake with white butter cream icing with lavender Cornelle Lace and pearl trim. I hope you girls enjoyed this and a Happy Birthday to Ms. Marianne!
Robin Bell is such a wonderful friend. When I am having a dragging day...all I have to do is see Robin for about all of 30 seconds and I am rejuvenated for a good while. She said that she had the "Divine Parting Of The Clouds". Ok, this dpotc was puppy cookies for the gang at Dr. DelValle's office. Robin is a RN and is doing her practicals at Dr. D's office for a "Mid Wife" certification. Robin said that Monday's and Wednesday's are usually crazy and she thought that these darling little "Scotties" would cheer everyone up! As I call her..."Miss Scarlet...I don't know nothing bout birthing no babies". Her son Kaleb was a frequent flyer when I owned my Day Care Center.

Sharing A Happy Moment

I couldn't wait to get home from the grocery today so I could share my news with you about my oldest son John Ryan. John Ryan just finished his sophomore year in college and he just got his final grades for this semester. He made a 3.5 and is on the Dean's List! You can't imagine how excited we all are and how happy and proud we are of him!
Way To Go Son! Your entire family is so proud of you!

Monday, May 5, 2008

April's Give Away Winner Is Dot Dunn!

Good Morning to everyone on this beautiful day! I am so sorry that I forgot to do my drawing and have it posted on the 30th of April but......with all of the wonderful things happening around here....wonder why I would forget.

My handsome son John Ryan pulled the name of Dot Dunn from the hat! We both got a laugh when we saw it. Dot is the sweetest thing! Let me tell you a little about Dot. She was at Vanderbilt when the tornado hit our home. She made Daryl strip the beds and put clean sheets on them and insisted that we go and live at their house until ours was live able again. Now...for someone who is caring for a child with stage 4 cancer and thinking of others.....that is a POWERFUL WOMAN and EXAMPLE!

Dot's special prize is a "Picnic Lunch" for her and her precious family! Just as soon as Andy comes home from the hospital you will have a "Special Deliver" of my fabulous Chicken Salad on Croissants, Homemade Potato Salad/Chips for Andy and a Delicious Fruit Salad! I want you to take it outside on your new Patio and sit in the sun and enjoy lunch on me!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Andy And The Fast Helicopter Ride Yesterday!

Well, if you haven't heard about the call that John and I got yesterday afternoon from Dot Dunn....well here it goes.
Andy laid down for a nap and woke up with a high fever of 102.6. The doctors at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital said to get him there if he had a fever of 100.4 or greater. Well.....yesterday we climbed up in the ambulance and gave him some good love and kisses and watched them carry our sweet boy off in the helicopter.
Dot said this morning that he has the worst infection that he could possibly ever have in his "tubie" port-a-cath. They have started him on Vancamyacin and he may have to have surgery to have it removed and a new one put back in. She did say that the doctor said that the tumor that is still in his belly area would be removed. Thank you Lord!
Please pray for Andy and their entire family!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Special Orders For Special People

Lauren Grandey is such a beautiful young woman! She is my dear friend Susan Grandey's daughter. I've watched Lauren grow up from a tom-boy to an elegant young lady! Lauren is pictured with this handsome young man who by the way is her boyfriend. This is my friend Debbie Dunham's son Scott. Scott plays professional baseball for the Florence Freedom team out of Kentucky. Debbie is so proud of him. She just glows when she talks about him! I got so tickled when I was at her house the last time when I saw all of the ball equipment. Made me feel right at home! They make sure a lovely couple! Lauren he's a keeper...better hold on to him tight! I can see you two together and it just makes me remember what it was like to be young again! If you know Lauren very well, she's a Micro-Manager. Gotta love this child!
Scott will be leaving this weekend for a 100 + days of baseball season. Lauren wanted something special for him as a going away present and I just couldn't help myself with these darling cookies. Susan called and said that he just loved them!

Good Luck Scott and be safe! Tell your mother Hello!

Courtney Bouldin in graduating from MTSU in just a matter of days and Regina called me and ordered these darling MTSU football cookies to help support Relay For Life. Regina is so proud of all of her children and especially with Courtney and Jeff getting married in August! Courtney is receiving her degree as an RN. She make a wonderful nurse!
Good Luck Courtney and enjoy this summer! We Love You!






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