Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two More Double Chocolate Passion Cakes.....

Kandice Patrick text me and asked me to make her another one of these "notorious babies". Well, I had told Susan Grandey that when I hit my first goal with my weight that I'd make us one.....hit that mark Friday. I made one this afternoon and took Susan a few pieces. I'll let her share with you her comment. All I can say is......."It's Sinfully Delicious!"
Thanks Kandice!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

With Three Clicks Of The Heels....There's No Place Like Home!

Jeanna Cunningham's daughter Sarah will be celebrating her 5th Birthday tomorrow. She absolutely love "The Wizard of Oz"! So what better could she have than......A Yellow Brick Road Cake! This cake is Classic White with the Yellow Buttercream Icing. The Witches Hat, Broom, the Green Pool (That Old Wicked Witch Melted), and the Lolly Pops were handmade out of Rolled Fondant. Every time I look at this cake....it makes me remember the song that Judy Garland sang....."Somewhere Over The Rainbow".
Every little girl needs her own Ruby Red Slippers!!!!!
Jeanna wanted some treats for her guests along with the cake. She ordered 3 dzn. Ruby Red Slippers, 2 dzn. Pretzel Rods and......
A tray of delicious Strawberry dipped in Gourmet Chocolate!
Happy 5th Birthday Sarah!!!

Strawberry Heaven!

Wayne Kilgore called me and asked me to make him a Strawberry Shortcake.
I think that this is a BEAUTIFUL cake! It's my homemade Classic White Cake with my favorite Strawberry filling with lots and lots of Strawberries...(and a touch of cream!)
Mr. Kilgore was so excited when he picked it up!
I hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chocolate Heaven....

Kandice Patrick texted me and asked me to her a cake like Jayme Jaco's cake for this evening. I used the same cake recipe, but.....changed the icing a little bit. I first made some fudge and drizzled it over the entire cake. Then I melted some chocolate chips and spread that through the fudge and garnished it with milk chocolate chips.
Kandice left me and Katie some sweet gifts. Thank you Kandice for my new cookie cutter and Thank you for Katie's K koozie holder. She immediately put it on her bottled water!
I hope you enjoyed this little bit of "chocolate heaven"! I got really tickled at Kandice's text before and after she got it. Thanks Kandice for all of your business!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Snow Princess Crown Cookies

Tonya Rains called me yesterday and told me that she wanted to redeem her daughter's Gift Certificate. Tonya's daughter was crowned the 2009 Snow Princess.
Gracie's favorite color is Tiffany Box Blue. I mixed her cookies up and 1/2 TBB & 1/2 White. I put Sparkling Sugar Crystals on them so they would "Bling"!
Congratulations Gracie!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness Cakes....

Jayme Jaco called me yesterday and asked me to make a Double Chocolate Cake for her husband. She said that he has been home helping her since she had her shoulder surgery and that he has not left her side. She said that his favorite is Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. So....I whipped up this little creation. It's a homemade double chocolate cake with chocolate morsels on the inside and a my favorite chocolate fudge icing drizzled all over it and to garnish it chocolate morsels sprinkled all over it.
I couldn't resist this putting it on this beautiful multi-colored tray and decorating it with a beautiful black net ribbon. When I delivered it this morning....they were all excited! I hope you and Monty enjoy it and I hope you are feeling better soon!

I got a call from my friend Jeanine Bain in Smithville asking me to make a small Baby Shower Cake for a co-worker. She said that she wanted my classic white cake with my almond buttercream icing trimmed in blue. I couldn't resist putting this darling little duckie on top of the cake. I love the colors and it is so cute....especially for a Baby Shower.
Thank You Jeanine!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Cookies

Saturday, the 21st is my "Little Prayer Warrior" Kristy Navartte's birthday. I wanted to do something special just for her! So.....I whipped up some Homemade Sugar Cookies and decided not to dip them in glaze, but to use some buttercream icing and "bling" them up a little bit with some of my red and green sugar crystals.
I think that these really turned out really cute. I know that yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, but....I love the clover leaves because it's one of the things that remind me of Spring!
I wish everyone could have seen Kristy running to me tonight in the parking lot at the church. When her Mother Amy told her that I had a surprise for her, Amy said that she yelled out "Yes!!!!" She was so excited and I love my hugs from her! Kristy is one of the sweetest girls ever! She is very mature for her age and is very thankful for everything that you do for her! She sure does have a good set of parents! We love the Navarette family!!!!
Easter Eggs, Clover Leaves, Tulips, & Easter Bunnies are absolutely darling!
Happy Early Birthday Kristy!
My wonderful friend Susan Grandey got me all of these cookies cutters as part of my birthday present (less the clover one, I bought it a little while ago, and she got me a baby buggy cutter and a baby bottle cutter too!) along with a beautiful pearl ring and an awesome tangerine basket. Susan knows how I love to bake and I was so excited to get to use them yesterday. I can't wait to make some Mickey Mouse cookies/sandwiches! She picked him up when they were in Orlando and Disney for the Nationals in the Dance Competition. I now have 3 different bunny patterns, two different butterfly patterns and am ready to take orders for Spring!

Monday, March 16, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Wedding

Mrs. Kay Brownyard asked me to make her son Alan's wedding cake. She had her own specific design that she wanted me to use. She wanted 4 9" heart shaped cakes in chocolate and a 6" heart shaped cake in chocolate. She asked for them to be decorated in a specific color scheme with her grand children's names on the larger hearts and her son Alan and his bride Lacey's names on the smaller heart. When it is finished....it looks like a 4 leaf clover. They're getting married tomorrow on St. Patrick's Day. Happy Wedding Day!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pretty In Pink....

With the finishing touches added to Kristi McCormick's Mother's Surprise 60th Birthday Cake added, it is absolutely beautiful. Thanks Kristi for all of your business!
Jessica Higgins ordered my "Secret Recipe" Chicken Salad on Croissants for a Baby Shower for this weekend. There is nothing more refreshing than Homemade Chicken Salad on Croissants! Thanks Jessica!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Playing Post Catch Up...

I am sorry that I haven't gotten these posted before now! Christy Partain asked me to make her two children's "dual" Birthday cake. She asked me to decorate it in royal blue and hot pink polka-dots. Happy Birthday Dylan & Becca!
Ruth Ann Webb asked me to make her son Joseph's Birthday cake. He loves UT Football.
Happy Birthday Joseph!
Kristy McCormick asked me to make this beautiful cake for a Birthday Party for a very special Lady! It's my Classic White cake with pink buttercream icing with white Cornelle Lace on each layer, Chocolate Brown Grosgrain ribbon and that "Special Birthday Girl's Initials".

Happy Birthday!

Kaching....Kaching....Lightening McQueen is off to celebrate Ian Bush's 3rd Birthday!

Amy Ian's Mother e-mailed me and asked me to make Ian's birthday cake. He absolutely LOVES Lightening McQueen. Happy Birthday Ian!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Boutte' Wedding Reception

I wanted to share these pictures asap. I took about 135 pictures last night and here is a sneak peak.
Patti had asked me quite some time ago about making the cake/cakes for Rae & Scott's Reception. We had discussed doing an Anniversary layer for them and doing individual Cup Cakes for their guest. Well....when they actually "tied the knot" in Florida back in November, we decided to just do just the Cup Cakes and to make them look like their New Orleans Theme. On Tuesday of last week, I set out and started the process of making the Antique White Fondant Diamonds for the tops. Each diamond was hand cut out and a Monogrammed with the Initial B for of course "Boutte'". Of course, Rae loves my Homemade Chocolate Cake and my Homemade Milk Chocolate Buttercream Icing. I really do think that they were absolutely georgus! All of the food was based on the New Orleans Theme and all of the decor was as well. I will post some of the pictures of the decor and the events of the night later on.
Patti had asked me to make the Pretzel Rods dipped in Chocolate with the festive Multi-Colored Sprinkles on them as well as a couple of trays of Strawberries Dipped in Gourmet Chocolate.

Patti did an awesome job with the flowers and all of the serving pieces.

I was excited to see the adult and children guests enjoying all of the desserts that I had made and all of the wonderful food that the Stones River Country Club was serving.

From Cheese Trays, Veggie Trays, Zuccini Casserole, Red Beans and Rice, Chicken Tenders, & Boiled Shrimp. Everything was delicious! I do highly recommend Stones River Country Club as a perfect venue for a wedding reception or any other party. Their staff was wonderful and it is an absolutely beautiful place!

Laura Minor, Susan Grandey, and I were enjoying some wonderful conversation during dinner.
Lauren Grandey and Scott Dunham are the sweetest couple. They had a "good time" as well!
It looks like my eyes are shut, but I promise they aren't. With all of the sickness that we have been through in the past year, John and I really enjoyed getting out and enjoying the night. This is the "Hostess With The Mostest" Patti Clarke. Patti is a wonderful friend and an awesome Mother! She and Tommy are so happy that their children have married wonderful spouses! Rae and Scott are a perfect couple and Meagan and Charlie are just another perfect couple as well! Patti and Tommy have done an awesome job with Rae and Charlie. Their personalities are so happy, uplifting, and just plain down right FUN! Patti made sure that "someone danced last night!"
John and Joey are having a blast! Check out Mr. Grandey's hat!
This is a wondeful picture. Joey Grandey and his beautiful daughter Lauren are having a "Father/Daughter Dance". I caught them all hugged up and I couldn't resist. Happiness begins at home!
Meagan Clarke and Rae Boutte'.
These are two of the prettiest women around! They are beautiful on the outside, but....are beautiful on the inside as well. Their happiness is infectious and is still so young! My family is very blessed by knowing the Clarke Family and all of their family members! We enjoyed last night with all of the good food, story telling, conversation, meeting new friends, seeing old friends, and a little bit of dancing.
May God Bless This Family!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Boutte' Wedding Reception

I am in the process of editing all of the beautiful pictures that I took at Scott & Rae's Wedding Reception! Patti & Tommy Clarke are wonderful host!

I will try to have them posted by Sunday evening!

Check Back!