Friday, February 27, 2009

We were so excited to get our "Official Invitation" to Rae and Scott's "Official Wedding Reception". This is going to be sooooo much fun!
For those of you who do not know the story here it goes.....Rae Clarke & Scott Boutte' were married on November 28, 2008 in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida with immediate family attending. They have been planning on a reception thinking about May at the River Lot and I am so glad that they are planning on having it at The Stones River Country Club March 7th. (because of the weather) I love the theme....Mardi Gras. Scott is from New Orleans and it fits them so well!!!
They are serving Dinner and Patti had asked me to make some goodies for everyone to enjoy after the main meal. I will post them and pictures of the reception later hint.....Chocolate, Chocolate, and more Chocolate! (did I mention Chocolate)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Playing Post Catch-Up....

Kellie Rowland had asked me to make this Baby Shower cake that is above. She had sent me a picture of a cake she saw on the Internet and asked me to make it just like it with our own little twists....instead of baby feet and toes she wanted baby ducks, with the bows tied on the corners, I used a real bow that is pale blue that says "It's A Boy", and finally at the end of each colored stripe, I put a white pinwheel to make it look Spring is around the corner.
(picture e-mailed by Kellie from

Michelle Prater is the sweetest friend and loves her family! Her nephew Kevin was celebrating his birthday and she just can't stand it unless they have a cake! I love Michelle and her loving, sweet heart! Happy Birthday Kevin...You have the Sweetest Aunt Ever!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Kristie & Dewayne McCormick's son is celebrating his birthday today and wanted a Halo 3 cake. They love my secret recipe chocolate cake and she asked me to combine the two emblems for the Halo 3 game series. I said problem!
Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Trey Cantrell

Trey's Mom Holly called and asked me to make his birthday cake and wanted the Dibrell Wildcat's basketball jersey. Trey played on the 5th/6th grade boys team and they won the season and the tournament this year in the county. When Katie was playing for Centertown and the boys would play Dibrell, we'd usually stay and watch. Congrat's to Dibrell's boys and a Special Happy Birthday to Trey!!! (the cake was yellow as well)
My husband said that when they came to pick it up yesterday tha they were sooooo excited about it! I am so happy that it made his birthday perfect!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cupid Says "Happy Valentine's"!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Yes I am up early this morning, been up since about 3 a.m. working on more goodies for my "love birds".
I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day and tonight the Youth Group will be arriving at my home @ 8 p.m. for an absolutely awesome surprise!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Here Comes Cupid Sneak Peak.....Part I & A Birthday or Two....

Ray Dunn celebrated his 16th birthday while he was in Disney World with his family last week. He's having a party for his friends tonight and wanted to have movie night. He had called me himself and asked me to make him a "Special" cake. These were the spec's.....My Homemade Yellow cake with Butter Rum flavor. (this is flavor and does NOT contain any alcohol) He said that he wanted it to look like the old time movie canisters. I down loaded a picture of what he wanted and he got his wish. I hope you enjoyed your party tonight!
Michelle Prater had sent me an e-mail last Friday night and asked me to make her brother Kyle a birthday cake for his 18th birthday on Sunday. She said that his favorite colors were red and black and to do my "usual homemade chocolate cake". Happy Belated Birthday Kyle!!!

These cookies go to a sweet young man who will find them tomorrow from his "Sweetheart"!

Hailey Dishman had asked me to make her fiance Cole some of my delicious truffles. I know that Cole absolutely loves...loves....loves my truffles. I hope he shares them with you Hailey! lol

This beautiful Cheese Cake goes to my sweet friend Kathie Hodge. She wanted to give this to Russell for Valentine's.

More special trays for special Valentine's....Shhhhhh!
These cookies are a special "Valentine" for a very special man. A sweet friend of mine asked me to make them for her precious boyfriend! Of course, I am not going to tell until tomorrow night....I hope she shares them with him.....she said in her text that they looked yummy and couldn't wait to eat them!!!
Rachel Livasey had asked me to make this try for a "Special Surprise" for her husband Josh. I delivered them to him today at work at Morrison Tool and Fab.

Casey's wife will be so surprised to get these little jewels!

Casey Hale ordered these beautiful Strawberries for his wife for a surprise! He was so cute today when he came by and picked them up! He was so excited and was really excited about giving them to his wife tomorrow!

More secrets! This is a Strawberry Cheesecake....I know it will be an absolutely awesome surprise!!!

More deliveries tomorrow....can't tell this one's owner yet! Shhhhhh.....
Mollee had asked me to make her this darling Heart-shaped Cherry Cheesecake. I think they are "The Valentine's Perfect Gift"!
The Secretary at Eastside, Mollee asked me to make her some "Dressed Up" Strawberries. I just love this darling heart-shaped tray and the cutsie wrapping paper! Happy Valentine's!!!
I had heart-shaped cheesecakes everywhere today!'s a secret who gets these is Cherry and the other is Strawberry!

Cupid dressed up these darling little babies for Kim Cantrell who teaches at Eastside Elementary. She asked me to bring them when I brought Ms. Rachel's tray. I hope you enjoyed them!!! They are almost too beautiful to eat!
Seeing Double? Well.....there's another person getting this same tray and guess who it is?.....This cupid can't tell yet!...But I can tell you who got the next one identical to it!

Rachel Livasey asked me to make a special tray for her Day Care Provider. She really appreciates everything that she does for her and the wonderful care she gives her child. She asked me to make her a tray with my Dipped Pretzels, Blinging Homemade Sugar Cookies, and my Strawberries dipped in Chocolate.
The chocolate that I choose to use is the #1 Gourmet chocolate ever made! It is absolutely DIVINE!

I just had to do a little "Happy" tray for two of my most favorite people in McMinnville. Mr. Hubert and Mrs. Billie Gray Boyd. They are so good to me and my family. This is just a little "Thank You" for making a contribution to my son Dillon's Mission Trip Fund (he will be leaving in July to go to Baja Mexico for a mission trip with our church). It was so funny....the very next day Mr. Hubert and Mrs. Billie Gray asked me to join them for lunch. Me and my entire family absolutely love them!!!! So....I had to share a little treat or two with them.
This cutie pie goes to a special someone tomorrow! Strawberries all dressed up and delivered in a beautiful heart-shaped glass tray.

Hailey Dishman was the winner of my Valentine's Giveaway. Hailey loves Strawberries dipped in my Gourmet Chocolate and I also stuck in one of my wonderful "Secret Recipe" Cupcakes. I hope you enjoy!!!!

Terri Bryan who is the school nurse at Eastside Elementary asked me to make her some Strawberries dipped in my Gourmet Chocolate. She wanted them "All Dressed Up". She was surprising her husband Scotty with them. They were all fru fru'd up in a beautiful glass heart shaped tray.

Kandice Patrick ordered these cupcakes for her Mother who is sick and in the hospital in Nashville. I hope that she enjoyed them! I jut wonder if she made it down there with all 12?
Guess who gets these goodies?......
Michelle Prater had asked me to make some of my Pretzels dipped in my White Gourmet Chocolate with Cinnamon Sugar. She wanted to give them to her son's teachers at their Valentine's parties.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cupid's Treats....Too Yummy For Words!

With Valentine's just a couple of days away.....I've been busy as a bee. My house has been buzzing for several days with all of "Cupid's" helpers. I will try to start posting some of the creations that I have made soon! Remember that today is the deadline for all Valentine's orders. Boy.....Cupid loves Gourmet Chocolate, Cheesecakes, Truffles, & a little of my "Secret Recipes".