Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Take Away Treats.....The Hotest Thing Around!

The kids absolutely love love love painging their own cookies to take home!

When we have children, we always enjoy giving them a Birthday Party and letting them invite all of their little friends. When we have the party we always want to have a take home treat for your children's guests.

I have a wonderful solution to this! What about "Take Away Treats"!

Call me and tell me what your "theme" is and I will bake you my delicious Homemade Sugar Cookies in your theme and I will have containers of Homemade Edible Paint Icing (It is not Buttercream, Glaze, nor Royal Icing) along with Paint Brushes for all of your guests. Kids of all ages will love this!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrating The 4th of July

( Picture Courtesy of Food

I have been looking for a beautiful picture on the web this morning of an American Flag cake. I can up on this picture on and wanted to wish everyone a wonderful July 4th Independence Day!

I hope everyone has a Safe Holiday Weekend!
God Bless America!