Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Westwood Christmas Party "After Christmas"

Ok, this was our first year to attend Westwood's annual Christmas Party after Christmas. There were 45 of us that found out way over to David and Jacqueline Hitchcock's home. Their home is so beautiful! I laughed until the back of my head hurt. We had an absolute blast last night! This bunch of people are absolutely the most happy, fun-filled group I have ever been involved with! The gift that you were to bring to play Dirty Santa was suppose to be the "Worst Christmas Gift You Received This Year". See Jason Cripps in the orange, he is into some mischief on my behalf and I didn't know what was coming until it had hit.
The guys were constantly stealing this one gift during Dirty Santa. A little camo pouch with wire pliers. You would have thought that there was money packed down in it or something. Dot and Darrell Dunn, Tammy Womach and Amy Eisler had the conspiring going on. They had a system until we all figured it out!
Still more gift stealing. I don't know how many times things got stolen. I think that they are trying to figure out a way to help Neil Helton the next time he locks himself out of the house, with pneumonia, at night, no one at home, and .........Bless his new neighbors. Also, I have all new appreciation for "brief cases". Bless Coy!

Beth Deason, Patty Boyd, and I were sitting together conspiring for my husband John to steal Ms. Paula Morris' King size comforter she had gotten. As we were leaving I finally confessed to Paula what we were doing. She told me the funniest thing. She said that when she was coming down the steps from the play room, she missed a step and thought she hurt her neck. She said it was touch and go for a minute but she was ok. She is so crazy!


Michelle said...

I looks like ya'll had a great time!!

Sheila said...

Joy isn't it a blessing to have our church family. Wow I think you guys are truly blessed....