Monday, January 14, 2008

It's Not A Secret Any More!

Ok girls, I got the scoop! My friend Donna Spangler has started a wonderful business and I just am about to bust if I don't get to tell you about it! It is called Sparkles and Eccentrics. Her blogspot is linked at the bottom of my page! You have to check her out! She has the most wonderful taste in jewelry! Starting immediately girls, you can order a cake and add as a topper a beutiful necklace or bracelet. She has all types of necklaces and bracelets. Could you image getting this as a birthday present with your cake or even Valentines Day coming soon? Ok girls, we all know that our husbands and or boyfriends are sometime needing some "self-help-skills" when it comes to buying us gifts. I know my husband has to have directions pointed every once and a while. Pass the word on to all of your friends and especially to your spouses. Her prices are really great for the absolutely A+ quality she has in all of her pieces. If you came by the Civic Center for the Craft Fair back in November, her booth was to my left. Don't miss her page, I sure am glad I found it!

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