Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Dream Team

I know that it is late but I just had to share this wonderful picture of the girls. Tonight Katie's team won the 5th and 6th grade basketball tournament. I know I have told you in the past about how proud I am of these girls, but I would like to share something special with everyone. Tonight the girls were playing their hearts out. Every girl got to play in the championship game. These girls have spent hours on top of hours practicing. I know that some of us moms have felt like our second home is Centertown's gym. We have watched these girls run drills, scrimaging each other and the boys 7th and 8th grade, run sprints and practice, practice, and practice. Felicia and Phillip did an outstanding job teaching these girls the fundamentals of basketball and sportmanship.

Centertown Lady Warriors
1st row l to r: Rachel Mathis, Katelyn Fitts, Madison Todd, Katie Tubb, McKenzie Vickers, Shelly Prater
2nd row l to r: Courtney Blair, Madison Walkup
3rd row l to r: Phillip Walkup, Coach, Emily Scott, Alexis Melton, Nicky Smith, Breana Noble, Shelby Medley, Felicia Walkup, Coach
This season has been a learning experience for all of us! Katie, John, and myself have made new friends with our team-mates and their parents.
I would like to Thank Mrs. Walkup for being the faculty member who sponsored the girls. She was at every practice and every game! Thank You!!!!!

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