Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Surgi-Center Calls

Two very special friends of mine just happen to work at the same place....and....placed orders for cakes and cookies. Paula Lynn and I go waaaaay back to our pre-k years. Paula is the office manager at the Surg - Center. She ordered this beautiful homemade Vanilla cake with white butter cream icing with lavender Cornelle Lace and pearl trim. I hope you girls enjoyed this and a Happy Birthday to Ms. Marianne!
Robin Bell is such a wonderful friend. When I am having a dragging day...all I have to do is see Robin for about all of 30 seconds and I am rejuvenated for a good while. She said that she had the "Divine Parting Of The Clouds". Ok, this dpotc was puppy cookies for the gang at Dr. DelValle's office. Robin is a RN and is doing her practicals at Dr. D's office for a "Mid Wife" certification. Robin said that Monday's and Wednesday's are usually crazy and she thought that these darling little "Scotties" would cheer everyone up! As I call her..."Miss Scarlet...I don't know nothing bout birthing no babies". Her son Kaleb was a frequent flyer when I owned my Day Care Center.

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