Thursday, May 1, 2008

House Updates As Of Thursday-9:15 a.m.

Ok, on Tuesday, it was cookie bake day. I baked 19 dozen cookies and what is funny, some of my customers want their cookies lightly tanned and some want them with a good golden tan. I think that's funny! Today is more cookie bake day with about 20+ more dozen to complete. Relay For Life is a wonderful thing for us to help raise money for!
So Today being Thursday, I had better start showing you day by day work on the house since the contractor and his workers are here.
John put my beautiful lights that we special ordered at Lowe's two weeks ago. They can in Tuesday afternoon and they are absolutely exactly what I was wanting! I what do you guys think...and he knew better by putting my Relay For Life Bows back on them as well!
Derek Carter's employees are hard at work early this morning getting all of the roof torn off so they can start putting the shingles and the metal on the house/carport. We are putting beautiful Architectural singles on the house and metal on the carport that is the same color.
The sweetest family from Woodbury was the first to call about our pool. We gave the pool and the deck to the first person who would come and tear it down and take it with them. They were so excited! They said that they never could afford one before and their children were on cloud nine! I hope you enjoy!
Window to my bedroom before.....then after!
What a difference! When we built the house we had a Bay Window there, then when Jim Bob Powell threw a ball through it and broke it...we decided to go with a picture I have aged with more maturity and added double windows so we can have air circulating on those wonderful Spring and Autumn days!

Cater Underhill @ Henley Millwork and Supply in Deckard has to be the nicest salesperson every! We got our other windows from him several years ago and he was here the same day we called to re-measure these new windows! Thank You Carter and Henley's crew for such a fast turn around on our speciality sized windows!

John, Wayne, John Ryan and I worked like crazy yesterday getting these things started about 10:45 a.m. and finished and had everything cleaned up by 5:30 p.m. enabling us to get ready for church on time. Boy, using a crow bar on a window will help with alot of frustration that I have had built up inside of me from the storm damage. As Dot Dunn and I disucssed that this was an inconvenience for right now. Just didn't need all of this extra work when I am so busy with my catering...but boy I sure haven't let that interfere with anything!
Dot and Daryl rode by the house this morning on the way to Murfreesboro for a doctor's apt. for Daryl. Dot gave me the thumbs up on my windows and on my new lights.
Also, please keep them all in your prayers....Daryl has developed diabetis and of course you all know so sick my "Kissie Pooh" Andy is! Please keep them in your thoughts as well! Andy's big blowout birthday party if Sunday, May 18th after Homecoming at Church! Everyone is invited!

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