Thursday, May 15, 2008

Graduation 2008-Centertown Elementary School

Tonight my middle son Dillon will be graduating the 8th grade at Centertown Elementary School. Dillon is so very excited about graduating and looking ahead to being a Freshman this fall at the High School. Dillon is pictured here on Awards Day this past Tuesday, the 13th. Dillon won a very honorable award this year. He was the Over-All Winner of the 2007-2008 Science Fair. He got a special plaque along with a certificate and ribbon. We are so proud of Dillon! Dillon had a horrible year in 2007 with the "Super Virus" and breaking his hip. But look at him now! Dillon.....We Love You Very Much And Are So Proud Of You!

After Graduation tonight 15 of the graduates will be boarding a beautiful Hummer Stretch Limo for a "Night On The Town". They have made plans and are so excited. They have reservations at Chili's tonight at 10:30 p.m. I am going to surprise them with this darling graduation cake. The next graduation these kids will attend will be in 2012.
Today, I surprised his homeroom with these darling graduation cap cookies. I hope you enjoy them and enjoy today!

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