Sunday, May 18, 2008

Andy Dunn's 5th Birthday Bash!

Today we celebrated Andy Dunn's 5th Birthday with the biggest bash McMinnville has ever seen. With the Motorcycle Gang, to the Air Plane Fly By, to Jugglers, Magicians, and everything in between. Andy was a RIOT! This is the cake that he specifically ordered from Vanderbilt Children's Hospital about 3 weeks ago. Andy specifically to the very detail told me how he wanted it. He wanted a Sand Castle. He even had a picture of the exact cake he wanted............. I guess by the smile on his face....he loved it!
I put 5 candles on Mr. Andy's cake and he preceded to add the other 5 that was in the package. I guess that if he was going to have to blow out candles...why not all of them.
When the coast was clear from all of the candle blowing he boy just stuck his hand right in and got him a handful and just made himself home! What more could you want...your very own birthday cake all to himself!
Andy will be in Vanderbilt Children's Hospital during his actual calendar birthday, June 9th. He will be in the middle of his stem cell transplant and will be in quarantine for several months.

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