Thursday, May 1, 2008

Special Orders For Special People

Lauren Grandey is such a beautiful young woman! She is my dear friend Susan Grandey's daughter. I've watched Lauren grow up from a tom-boy to an elegant young lady! Lauren is pictured with this handsome young man who by the way is her boyfriend. This is my friend Debbie Dunham's son Scott. Scott plays professional baseball for the Florence Freedom team out of Kentucky. Debbie is so proud of him. She just glows when she talks about him! I got so tickled when I was at her house the last time when I saw all of the ball equipment. Made me feel right at home! They make sure a lovely couple! Lauren he's a keeper...better hold on to him tight! I can see you two together and it just makes me remember what it was like to be young again! If you know Lauren very well, she's a Micro-Manager. Gotta love this child!
Scott will be leaving this weekend for a 100 + days of baseball season. Lauren wanted something special for him as a going away present and I just couldn't help myself with these darling cookies. Susan called and said that he just loved them!

Good Luck Scott and be safe! Tell your mother Hello!

Courtney Bouldin in graduating from MTSU in just a matter of days and Regina called me and ordered these darling MTSU football cookies to help support Relay For Life. Regina is so proud of all of her children and especially with Courtney and Jeff getting married in August! Courtney is receiving her degree as an RN. She make a wonderful nurse!
Good Luck Courtney and enjoy this summer! We Love You!


LeAnne Grissom said...

Hey girl I am doing a baby shower for Curtis' teacher and I want sugar cookies for it instead of cake. Just give me a yell at home 668-2365 or 808-2874. I love the baseball cookies.

Sheila said...

Beautiful couple! Lauren has the best mom and I think that is why she has grown into being a true beauty! Great cookie too Joy!