Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cake Catch Up

I am so sorry that I haven't posted some of my work from this week, but I have been soooo busy with Misti Hathcock's and Summer Wilson's weddings today. Dot Dunn called me and asked me to make a special cake for Andy to give to Mrs. June Haley. Andy calls June " June Bug" and Aubrey "Candy Man". Andy wanted me to make her a special "June Bug" cake for her birthday Thursday. John Ryan wanted to deliver it to her for me and he said that it was the sweetest sight when Mrs. June came to the door. He said she was like a little kid on Christmas morning! Happy Birthday June! I love you Andy!
Michelle Prater e-mailed me a several weeks back and needed a birthday cake for her son's 5th birthday and some cookies for party favors. Michelle is such a wonderful person and I really enjoy her and her friendship!
This truck was right up a 5 year old boys alley! Happy Birthday!!!!

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