Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dillon Is An Official Freshman

On Thursday, May 15th...Dillon's 1 Yr. Anniversary from his hip injury...he graduated from the 8th grade at Centertown Elementary.
He is pictured with some of his friends from his class. Ashlen (black and pink) and Annie (black and white) have been really good friends to Dillon. This time last year Ashlen and Dillon communicated via web cam. She was at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital after having surgery on her spine and Dillon was re-cooperating from his hip surgeries.
Annie & Ashlen were part of the crew that Dillon went "cruising" with after the graduation program was completed. They "cruised" around McMinnville then off to Murfreesboro for reservations at Chili's at 10 p.m.
Dillon had a blast and is excited about High School!
Congratulations Dillon! We Love You!

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