Friday, May 16, 2008

May Wedding #2-Benny & Kimberly Merriman

Kimberly is one of my regular customers with my other business. She is just the sweetest and happiest lady ever! She called me and asked me if I would stop by her office for something that was very important. So I wheeled in at Tennessee Title Loans and asked her what was up. She preceded to tell me the sweetest story about her and Benny. Benny and Kimberly were married a few years ago, but divorced do to some problems that Benny was struggling with. She said that since then...Benny has completely change his life and has put God first in it. She and Benny will be married tomorrow at Pioneer Community Church. You should have seen their girls eyes when I walked in with this beautiful cake. Kimberly was so excited and looked like she was glowing! Good Luck and Congratulations to this darling family!
This cake is a wonderful example of what Kimberly wanted-Simple Elegance. This cake is a homemade Vanilla with buttercream icing. To compliment the cake, Kimberly chose chocolate brown and Tiffany box blue ribbon for each layer. Of course, you can't miss the beautiful wedding cake topper. Just the perfect thing for the perfect cake!

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