Saturday, May 10, 2008

Birthday's and Mother's Day

Jamie Lorance ordered this darling IPod cake for her daughter Kinsley's birthday/slumber party. She saw it in the Family Fun magazine and asked me to make it. It was in her favorite and even had the licorice & gum drop head phones. Happy Birthday Kinsley!
We've been playing a mischievous game around my house keeping this secret from Babs Boyd and Johnathan York's mother. Johnathan wanted to surprise his mother and future mother-in-law with a "Special Mother's Day Cake" from him. Kayla tried to figure out what my blog schedule meant...but we kept it a "Top Secret" because he was so excited about giving it to them! When I went to set up Kayla's cakes Bab's was so excited and so tickled over her big surprise! I am so glad to know that Bab's and I are cousins! Isn't it a small world!

Angela Heffington ordered this cake for her son's birthday for today! The Heffington's are members at Westwood and are related to John through his grandmother Beatrice Tubb. Brandon's favorite past times are to play soccer and football. Brandon is on the WCMS teams and really enjoys sports! Happy Birthday Brandon!

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