Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunny Days at 520 Castle Street!

Last night I went to get some more laundry detergent to go to the laundry mat so I could get all of the big comforters washed when I saw these two beautiful ceramic plaques. I of course had to have them. They will be the first things hung back in our home when all of the repair work is finished!
I have had several of my friends ask me to post updated pictures of our home since we have gotten the clean up started. We look much better. It is getting more like a home now for us than a bomb explosion/disaster zone.
This is the front that took the hardest blow. Dillon and Katie's windows are still boarded up, but...looks much better.
The beautiful Red Maple tree that we had in the front is gone and the debris is winding down....I can take this look much better than Friday's look.
We've still got lots of work in the future...have had tons of contractor's here giving us bids and lots of reassurance that it will be back to normal as soon as possible.
This is Katie's dog Baby. She is strolling around in the back yard with me checking out every noise and pile. The back of the house is much, much better. More functionable. The kids are actually playing a game of basketball on the driveway this afternoon. Feels good to get some normality back.
Of course those of you who know how I am about my laundry....this is the thing that is driving me nuts. My clothes line is still down. I call it my solar clothes dryer. I am hoping that if I go to Lowes and get the other things to get the other pole back in the ground some kind man (aka my husband) will put it back up so I can do my regular routine.

We have went through the barn and got out everything that is salvageable. Of course, it didn't hurt the treadmill, I haven't used it in years....I guess that's a sign that I need to use it. lol

This is the salvagable items from the barn. We are in the process of getting everything itemized. Yesterday Bridgett Turner and I got Dillon's room squared away and we went on a "Scavenger Hunt" in our pasture and all of the neighbors pastures. We found my milk carton, Boomer's water bucket and John's bed cover for his TDOT truck in the pasture a good 500 yards or so away. I have no idea what we're missing, but....I am happy to know that God was watching over us. Thank you Bridgett for helping me!!!!
Being back in business and working again makes me happy. I have gotten calls this week and e-mails wanting cakes and catering jobs. Thank You so much for supporting me and loving me and my family so much!
Today my friend Bridgett Powers took me to lunch just so we could let our hair down from a few minutes. It felt good being out just to catch a breath of fresh air. Can't breathe too 5 weddings in May to get cranked up for! Got cookies by the dozenssssss and birthday cakes rolling everywhere!

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