Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Relay For Life Cookie Orders

Big David and Joyce Britton ordered two dozen of these darling golf ball cookies for his next trip! Thank You so much for supporting Relay For Life!
Leann Grissom, Andy's Pre-School teacher ordered 3 dozen cookies in Andy's honor. She wanted different color T's for her friend Tonya Scott's birthday! These are done in hot pink, purple, lime green, and yellow sugar. She also ordered 2 dozen for her son's birthday which of course is John Deere. Thank You for supporting Relay For Life!

Debbie Jennings ordered these darling flower cookies and these darling butterflies for Samantha's snack time at The Learning House. Thank you so much for ordering and helping to support Relay For Life! I hope you enjoy them!

1 comment:

LeAnne Grissom said...

Joy, thanks for the wonderful cookies. The John Deere cookies were a hit at school today. I think Tonya ate all the cookies and didn't share, but that was OK it was her day and she could do that. I'll be ording more soon.