Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday Strumming and Magazine Cover's

Yesterday was the Rock N Roll Birthday of Trevor Moore. He is the son of Scott and Jennifer Moore. I am related to Scott and think that they are the sweetest couple! Trever is my friend now for life! He too is an Elvis lover! Jennifer requested this darling cake for his party. I looked back in history at the original acoustical guitars and this was it. Happy Birthday Tevor! Enjoy being 11!
Today the "Hall" crew will be celebrating Ms. Fuzzy's 50th Birthday! Telesa Pelham her niece is such a sweet friend and such a thoughtful niece to Karon! When she ordered this weeks ago, she said for me to do whatever as long as it was very "painful". Ok, what better than her own picture (that will be paced on the cake when she gets it to the party) on her own cover of AARP? We thought this was absolutely perfect for her since she works in a doctors office. I love you Karon and I hope you enjoy your birthday! You are beautiful on the inside and outside!

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