Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Melanie Wright ordered these darling crown cookies! I just love this pattern! I call these my "King Andy" cookies. Melanie is one of Katie's teachers at Centertown Elementary. Don't let Miss Moore know that you have them....she sampled one of my Power T cookies yesterday and I think she had a sugar meltdown! lol Thank you for supporting Relay For Life!
Andy Dunn's Grandmother...better known as Momma D ordered a dozen cookies last night when she came to pick Ray up. Of course if you don't know by now that Momma D is a Vandy fan. Of course it pained me to make these, but my orange blooded husband said that they were absolutely great! I know that March Madness is about over, but I still love the basketballs. I am going to make some of these cookies with UT on them for Sunday's ball game. If anyone would like to order some as well....please let me know asap! If I was a betting person...I'd bet that Andy gets these cookies! Enjoy!

These darling butterflies are for Tanarra Grissom. Her mother Sherry Pelham was such a wonderful Christian example for us all! Tanarra was blessed to have such a wonderful woman as her mother! Sherry was a caterer too! I enjoy all of her recipes that Tanarra has shared with us in her cookbook! Sherry was an absolute wonderful cook!

Jean Martin is a member at Westwood Church of Christ and a cancer survivor, ordered the star cookies. They represent the stars on the Relay For Life symbol. Ms. Jean had a long and hard fight and won! I just loved making them!

Relay For Life means alot to me and my family. My mother is a cancer survivor. She had cancer when she was pregnant with me. Wow...that was 42 years ago. She has always been a fighter and at the age of 85, she is my hero! She said what cured her was only one thing....PRAYER! She had a very serious case of colon cancer and never had the first treatment. She said that she prayed to God and asked him to let her see her baby girl (me) grown and she sure did. My mother is a wonderful Christian example to us and to everyone she meets. My Aunt Eunice had uterine cancer, my Aunt Evelene had breast cancer, my brother-in-law Doug had prostate cancer, my husband's Aunt Martha had breast cancer, and my sweet little Andy has neuroblastoma. My Aunt Eunice, Mom, and Doug are all cancer survivors. Aunt Evelene lost her battle about 22 years ago.

For a "Good News" moment....Andy is doing well. He started his 4th chemo yesterday and the doctors told Dot and Daryl that usually the kids that have his type of cancer and make it to this stage of the chemo have a feeding tube. So far....no feeding tube. He is a trooper. He eats like a horse. Well....maybe a Shetlan pony. lol He eats alot of what he likes...mac and cheese, shreaded cheese, pizza, my sugar cookies, and of course his favorite....his mom's sweet tea. Hey at this point...whatever he wants he is eating.

Relay For Life cookie orders are pouring in! We are so excited and so very thankful to everyone who is helping us by supporting Relay For Life!
These darling cookies were ordered by Mrs. Janice Mayfield and everyone knows how she and Big Dave are truly UT fans! How much more fitting for them to sit and watch the game tonight and eating these fresh baked sugar cookies. To make them complete they have been sprinkled with UT orange sugar.

These darling cookies make me think of the beautiful hibiscus that grow in Hawaii and the cute prints that are on everything for the spring and summer. I hope you enjoy these Mrs. Janice! Thank You so much for helping us support Westwood Church of Christ Youth Group Relay For Life Team!

Thank You to all of the Morris Family! David, Paula, Casey, & Corey came out this afternoon and picked up the first sets of cookies and started delivering them in the pouring rain! Thank You for being our Team Captain Ms. Paula!

When placing your orders, please let me know what type of pattern you would like and if there is a preferred color! We can do almost anything!

***:)Kathy Cummings asked in her comment how did I come up with my ideas for my cakes and cookies? Well Ms. Kathy....I have a phrase I say when I come up with an idea..."The clouds parted and I had a Divine Epiphany". My friend Robin Bell said that to me a couple of years ago and it just stuck. When I am driving I think, when I am laying in bed at night I think, and sometimes I wake from a dead sleep with an idea. The pink on the butterflies represents the pink for breast cancer. Butterflies represent my daughter Katie's love for them. She will take a net and play in the back field for hours trying to catch butterflies in the spring and summer months. Also the butterflies represent life....how beautiful heaven must be. Thank You Ms. Kathy for the sweet comments and I hope everyone enjoys my designs! :)***


Simply Joy Catering said...

I just had to share the comments that Mrs. Janice Mayfield said about her cookie orders. She said that she thinks that you should have your dessert before your meal. (That sounds like my friend Kathy Thomsen's favorite comment) She said that they had a customer in the office from Ireland and she shared them with him. She said that I've gone global now.

Thank You Mrs. Janice, you are the sweetest thing! I just love their entire family to death!

cathycummings said...

I love the butterflies, they are so cute!
So original & unique.
Where do you come up with all your ideas???
I love the bunnies & footballs!

Cathy Cummings

Kristen said...

Hey Joy! This is Kristen (Hobbs) Elrod and I love all of your cookies (especially the UT ones! Go Vols!). I was wondering the prices because I would love to order some! We just found out we are haveing a baby girl, YAY, and I would like some to celebrate that!

Kristen said...

ok i will take 1 dozen. Something w/ icing and has something to do with our new baby girl on the way!