Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Relay For Life Cookies

While Julia and Todd Noblin are off in Hawaii, I thought I would show you what she's missing. I fixed her cookies and delivered them yesterday at their office and when the secretary said that they were not going to be back until Friday, the District Attorney's office jumped right on them. I will make you more Julia, I promise!
Terry Connor...gotta love him...ordered cookies that had eyes on them. So....I fixed him up with lemon-head shaped faces with blue eyes and funny faces. This fits Terry's personality so well. He and Katie are absolutely a riot at church. He and her pick and each other and then are hugging and loving on each other. Got to appreciate Terry for wanting eyes. With him being an eye doctor in town, quite fits him! Terry and Kay are the sweetest couple! (Hey Terry, Katie said that they were cute as a button!)


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