Friday, April 18, 2008

The One Week Anniversary-Posted 2:00 p.m.

Ok my blogger are going to have to bear with me and my sense of humor for the next month or so. Ok, now that I have said friend Susan Grandey aka "Martha" told me years ago that the FlyLady says that it makes you feel better and your day will be much brighter if you shine your sink. Well 85 year old mother and I have been at work today in the house getting more things done/cleaned/rearranged. I remembered what Susan said to me and I am pleased to show everyone my beautiful shiny kitchen sink.

When I changed my restaurant license over to a caterer's license, Ms. Pamela from the Health Department told me that I sure did need a new sink because every woman who cooks deserves an upgrade of some sorts weather it be new dishes, table and chairs, cabinets, counter tops, or even pot holders and dish towels. Well my new thing was my beautiful sink. I have been so proud of it for the past several months and you may think that it's silly for me to be so excited over a sink...but after a week ago right this minute...I didn't know what the little things really meant. I think that my friend Bridgett was just as excited over it when she saw it. I told her that we could almost take a bath in it now. lol So....enjoy the shiny sink.

Thank You for all of your calls, comments, food, help with the clean up, cards, and especially your prayers. We we blessed by our family and our friends! We sure can see how much we are loved! God is so good and God Is Love!

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Andy's mom Dot said...

Never have I seen your sink so clean.....