Friday, April 25, 2008

House Updates 2 Week Anniversary of "The Tornado"

New Central Unit. Jimmy Priestly and his crew are the berries. They have it completed!
Holes in the house sealed. Ready for the vinyl and roofing next week. Windows will be here Monday! Yeah!!!
Jack and Diane Odom are former employers of mine and are some of mine and John's dearest friends! We go waaaaaay back! We love them! Got these huge trees to replace the ones that were damaged. Had to get a back hole to dig the holes. They are Bur Oaks and a Weeping Cherry.
Me and my Mother (who is 85) got the landscaping all trimmed back and cleaned up. When the roofers/vinyl guys get done, we're going to strip all of the pine needles and timbers up and replace all of that.
My husband, my father-in-law Wayne, John Ryan and I worked like dogs and then here shows up Mike Grissom with a track hoe and a back hoe. John played around and got the barn almost completely down yesterday and Mike came in and had sparks flying when he tore down the rest of the barn. (he did not know that the electricity was still hooked up to the barn) ha, ha It was like the 4th of July for a minute or two! Ok, now that the barn is leveled and a hole dug to China and everything in it and burning (by the way we do have burn permits) we can say it looks much, much, much better around here. Oh, by the way...I actually got the yard mowed yesterday as well. Oh...I forgot...the clothes line is in full functioning working order! Done been wearing it out! Only a few of us southern women still use them, winter and summer!

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