Thursday, November 15, 2007

What A Bunch Of Good Boys!

In a post from Saturday, I talked about John Ryan's team from the University of Tennessee winning the paintball tournament in Chattanooga. My hansom son is on the front row, far right side. The entire write up is on web page. These boys went from fourth to first. What's funny, the black was the "varsity" team and the organge team was the "jv" team. The "jv" team beat out the "varsity" in the semi finals to beat Florida.

We've hosted paintball tournaments at our home for over a year now. It is really a fun sport to watch as well as play. Some of us gals have even played. One thing that was funny last Saturday was when one of our boys shot one of Florida's team mates and he wouldn't declare himself out. So, our fella went over and made sure that he was out. (He shot him about 20 times straight) He made sure that he was out. Ouch!

My how time flies! John Ryan will be 20 on the 24th of this month. I blinked and he's an adult. He went from diapers to a sophomore at UT. Now that's painful! God sure did bless me and John when he gave us John Ryan, Dillon, and Katie!

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