Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Dream On Canvas

I was so excited this morning when I checked my friend Brandi's web page and saw my two signs completed and posted! I am very blessed by knowing Brandi and by calling her my friend. She and her husband Mike are what southerners would consider "Good People". As a child growing up, I had heard my parents say that about someone that they considered a true, honest, genuine, hardworking christian person. I consider this wonderful couple "Good People". What more can you expect when they come from "Good Families". Brandi was so sweet to talk about how she enjoyed my lunch's that I have delivered to her at Bobby Ray Elementary . Mike is the principal at Irving College Elementary. They are regular customers of my other business: The Lunch Lady Catering. My husband was tickled to death over them just as much as I am!
Thank You Brandi for your beautiful art and Thank You for just being you!

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Brandie said...

Thank you Joy! I got a little teared up reading all of your sweet compliments. You and yours are "good people" as well. I hope you enjoy your artwork and are successful beyond your wildest dreams!! Lots of love!