Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcoming In 2009 & Happy New Year

Happy New Year To Everyone! I wanted to "Welcome" to all of my faithful readers and to all of the new readers who will see this first post for 2009. When John and I went to visit our friends Mona and Gordon in Hawaii a couple of years ago, I learned alot from her (being a native of Hawaii, growing up at Pearl City) about the meaning of the pineapple. This year, Katie gave her teacher Ms. Wright at Centertown one with a beautiful bow tied around the green leaves. Katie asked me what does the pineapple mean....I told her just like Mona told us....."Some know it to be as Welcome, some as Hospitality, but the real meaning of the pineapple is Family". You Welcome people into your family.
In 2009, I hope to welcome more "cousins" as Mona would say (when you bond with people on the islands, they call everyone cousin) into my family.
I have been very blessed this year by making all sorts of friends, through the Weddings, Birthday's, Anniversaries, Bridal Tea's, Baby Showers, and for everyone who just needed a little "Something Fantastic For No Reason"
I think that these are quite a few pictures that I have posted from some of my Christmas work since Thanksgiving. I know that I have left some out, I am sorry, I will get all posted as I find all of the pictures. (I am the photographer in the family and took about 500 ish pictures during the holiday)
So here goes.......
John's cousin Debbie Pearsall called me and asked for me to make for her SIL Dathan Todd some birthday goodies including cupcakes and some of my fabulous pretzels dipped in "my secret" white chocolate with cinnamon sugar sprinkled all over for just the right touch. I got so tickled at Debbie, she said that she wasn't going to share with Paige (her daughter who is expecting), but I guarantee....Paige won. lol

I had tons of Coconut Cakes that went out, I lost count after the first dozen.

These beautiful Coconut cakes went to three very special people that Mary Jane McGiboney (one of my newest and great friends and SIL of Joyce Britton) and her sister Ann. She asked me to make these for some of my favorite people in McMinnville. I just absolutely LOVE Hubert and Billy Gray Boyd! The first one was for them. When I delivered it, I know that I have to stay and visit with them, just because I enjoy them and love them sooooooo much! Mary Jane and her sister Ann had asked me to make lots of goodies for family members for special occasions all through 2008. The second one went to their Aunt Ruth who is a resident of Riverview Terrace. The third one went to Larry and Janice Boyd. They are the most sweet family. I met them several years ago when I was an umpire in high school fast pitch. Their grand-daughter Anastasia played. I really do think alot of these people. Matter of fact, last night at church Mr. Larry came over to me and told me that he said that my Coconut Cake was the best one he had ever eaten. I was so humbled. I do try to put all of my heart and love into every job that I do. Compliments from my recipients really do mean so much to me!

Ok, here we go with the cake I had an absolute ball making for my oldest BFF Angie Newman. She and I go back so far, how far you may ask........I was born on March 11th and she was born on April 25th the same year. My mother and Aunt Christine took me to the hospital to see Angie and visit with my mother's BFF Janice (Angie's Mother). Angie called me and asked me to make a special something for Emily's birthday. She started describing to me the colors, and I "just started letting those wheels turn" she then told me that she had an E that is on Emily's wall and that's the color scheme she wanted except, the sky blue as the solid background color. She needed it Monday for their family party that night. I had PT that morning at 11 a.m., so....I got up and "juned" (that's TN slang) around and make her, the special cake just for the sweetest girl....Emily! Angie had asked me to make my homemade Chocolate cake and just to have fun using Emily's colors. When I delivered it, Angie was so excited! She never dreamed it would look exactly like what she envisioned in her mind. Last night just before we left to go to Church, Angie called me on my cell phone and told me how she, Emily, and everyone were so excited and how that was the best cake ever! Angie has a son Clint, who I absolutely adore! Last night at church, you can bet I got my hug from him like I always do when we see Clint! When a 18 year old, who's in college will come and find you and talk to you and talks to his parents about you...that's a GOOD KID! Happy Birthday Emily!!! We Love You!

This is another cake that I made for Mary Jane McGiboney and her sister Ann. They wanted it to go to Mrs. McGiboney's just "Special" for her to enjoy on Christmas. So.....Mary Jane had asked me to make her a Low Fat Carrot Cake with my "To Die For" Cream Cheese Icing. (It's my friend Bridgett's Secret Recipe that she shared with me a long time ago) (Thank's Bridgett your the "Nitro" in the Bomb!) I got up on Tuesday really 5 a.m.ish and made it fresh just for Mrs. McGiboney. When I talked to Mrs. McGiboney's daughter Joyce at church on Sunday, she said that "It was the best cake ever!!!!!" She also told me how that her Mother loved it and that Mary Jane was in (from NC) and how she LOVED it too.

Thank You Mary Jane and Ann for all of your business this year! I am so blessed by knowing you and loving your family!

I had cookie orders running out my ears. This bunch went to the Brentwood Target store. My friend Krista Kelly ordered these for her Associates. Krista is my BFF Angie's cousin. I remember when her mother Kathy had her and her brother. Matter of fact, I went to their parents wedding, it was a Valentine's wedding.
Krista asked for me to make a few hundred cookies we go.
My sweet "little buddy" Andy Dunn called me and asked me personally to make him some "Twismas Tooties" for his Special Nurses at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital 6th Floor & Staff. Andy has spent most of 2008 there (fighting Stage IV Neuroblastoma Cancer) and they consider the nursing staff, and the doctors there part of their family. Andy told me specifically what he wanted. He said, "I want tandy tanes and nowesmen". When he called me and asked me if I had his "Tookies" ready, he was so excited to get them! Of course, I had to make a few and let my daughter Katie decorate them just for him and Ray to enjoy. I can guarantee Andy had them eaten before he got back home with them. lol
I had so many dozens of I said about the cakes....I lost count.
These went to a special friend Dana who lives in Manchester. She met me at River Park's PT wing just to pick them up so Santa would have some "real special goodies" and that was quoting her. She requested heavy icing and lots and lots of sprinkles. Instead of putting icing on their hats, I used sprinkles instead.
The best things in life sometimes are the most simple things. Homemade Cookies always hit the spot!
My friend from Elementary School Ruth Ann Webb called me and asked me to make her son Richie his 21st birthday cake. She said he wanted a Confederate Flag cake. Well...after I thought about it, my Great Nephew Blake would die for this cake for his birthday next month. My mother and Richie's Grandmother are neighbors. Mrs. Webb told my mother that Richie loved his cake and that everyone talked about the detail I had put into his cake. Happy 21st Birthday Richie! I remember when Richie and John Ryan played Rec. baseball many moons ago.
My daughter Katie is friends with my friend Alene Pedigo's daughter Sierra. Sierra's birthday is right at Christmas. Last year she asked me to make her a Hannah Montana cake and this year she asked for me to make her a Classic White cake with white icing with a Pink Peace Symbol on the top. Sierra had seen it in a magazine and specified that she wanted exactly that. Alene didn't have the picture, but.....I think I did pretty well.
Happy Birthday Sierra! Good Luck with this year's Theatre Production! You're a great actor!
I just had to share these cookies. My friend Tammy Smartt had asked me to make these just for her son Will's birthday party for this class at school. Will attends Hickory Creek Elementary and if you don't know that the Smartt family is UT crazy, you do. Will told his mother specifically what he wanted. Snowman cookies and I asked Will if he wanted orange hats and the Power T. He was so excited!!!!! I had my son Dillon to deliver them to Hickory Creek early that morning and Will's class was so excited!
I just remembered, that I did a cake just a few days after my knee surgery for my friend Amanda Priest and forgot to take a picture of it. Amanda, please e-mail me a picture! That cake was too cool! Amanda asked me to make her son's birthday cake with my Classic White Cake with Almond Flavor, white buttercream icing and wanted it to be decorated as a dirt bike race track. It was cute!!!!! I duh....forgot to get a picture. I guess I was looking for my ice pack instead of my camera.
I know that I have left some other things that I did during Christmas off, but....I will get them posted soon.
Most of All......Happy New Year!


Paula said...

Happy New Year to you!

Tammy said...

Looks like you have been busy during your recovery time. Thanks for sharing an update with everyone. May 2009 be a prosperous year for you and your family. Happy New Year!

Patty's Stitches said...

I love the cake you made for Angie Newman! That was too cute. I thought I'd let you know I have my blog up and going (sort of). I'm just going to post my sewing class schedule and a few things I have made. See ya. - Patty

The Craven's said...

Everything looks beautiful and delicious :)
Happy New Year!