Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pioneerettes & Nationals.....

My friend Susan Grandey asked me to make this darling cake for the Friends and Family Performance as they are getting ready to head to Orlando for Dance Nationals. Susan asked me to make my Homemade Classic White Cake and trim it in Hot Pink and Black. She had asked me how hard it would be to have an eatable picture of the Dance Team on the cake.....
No problem! This is an 8 x 10 Eatable picture of the Pioneerettes in their costumes they will be preforming in.
This is the cake just before I added the dots. Susan said that it was SO CUTE! The girls like dots and they got dots!

Good Luck to all of the girls and especially to Leah (Susan's Daughter)!

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Susan said...

Thanks Joy for the great, super, awesome cake for the family and friends performance this afternoon. There was a great turn out for the girls!
Everyone enjoyed the cake and the girls actually got to "eat their own face" LOL if they wanted to! I thought that was so funny.
Believe it or not out of that huge cake there was absolutely NONE LEFT!
Thanks again everyone loved it!