Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jessi Kohring Cake

Jessi Kohring is our sweet Youth Minister's Wife. She had a birthday a couple of days ago. She told me at the Craft Fair back in November that she wanted this "Special" birthday cake for her 1st birthday married to Shelby. Shelby asked for me to wait until today to make it and deliver it. He is planning on sharing it with the kids in the Youth Group after church tonight. I had to wait until now to post this because he wanted to "Surprise Jessi" with it. She told me that she could have gotten anything for her birthday but, she only wanted this specific cake.
She wanted a Classic White cake with pink buttercream icing with white trim and chocolate polk-a-dots. She loved the monogram cake that I did for Kara Youngblood's 21st birthday. So....I changed it up a little bit just for Ms. Jessi. Shelby said that she absolutely loved it!

Please pray for my daughter Katie and my Mother. Katie has a bruised tailbone and is in terrible pain. My Mother has a Compression Fracture of her spine. She is in terrible pain as well. Katie fell in basketball last night and one of the players fell on top of her as well. My mother's fracture is an old one. Probably when she fell back in the early Spring 08 when she broke her hand and hurt her face. These are two people that I am very worried about. I hate to see people that I love hurt.

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Susan said...

Jessi's cake turned out so cute! I am sure that she loved it! I really like the initials too. Very classy.