Saturday, January 24, 2009

Timeless Elegance....

Ashli Moore had asked me quite some time ago to make her Wedding Day special. She had asked me to make "Her Dream Wedding Cake". She wanted it to be simple and classic. This cake has three different flavors. The bottom layer is Classic White, the middle layer is Chocolate, and the Anniversary layer is Red Velvet. She wanted a Chocolate Brown ribbon around the bottom and wanted Corneille Lace all over the cake. This cake was absolutely "Timeless"! Ashli was so excited when I delivered it. It made her day perfect! I am so blessed by knowing them! Thank you Terri and Ashli for asking me to make this beauty!


Amy said...

What are the measurements on this cake? I would like a square one. I was thinkin 16inch bottom 12in middle and 8in top.
Is it fondant?
Thank you

Paula said...

That is beautiful Joy