Saturday, February 2, 2008

Meme and an Award

Shelia Boyd at Gim 'Me Memories is absolutely the sweetest person ever! She tagged me to play. The rules are to list 5 weird or random things about yourself.
1. I have OCD's about certain things around my house. I want my towels folded a certain way and put in the closet. I will go behind John and redo them after he has gone to work and also, I don't sleep much...maybe 3 or 4 hours and I'm good.
2. I am obsessed with everything being ironed. Even t-shirts. They have to have a crease in the sleeves.
3. I have a sister that is 24 years older then me and a brother who is 22 years older than me, along with two nephews who are 16 and 18 months older than me.
4. I LOVE to travel! I don't get to do much anymore, but if you told me you were going somewhere and wanted me to go, I will say "Road Trip"! I enjoy flying!!!!!!
5. I want my kitchen table in the den. This drives John NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want my big white resin table in my kitchen so I can work and he can't stand our beautiful oak kitchen table in our den! He needs to get over it, because I can't function unless I have my big white table.
Ok, now you know a little more about me, I am tagging Donna Spangler and Brandie Mansfield. Ok, my friend Jenny McDowell and Bridgett Powers get a hoot when I say...."Slap a bow on it and call it pretty!" Now, the bow is on and let's call it pretty!
I am absolutely thrilled being tagged by Shelia. Thank You Shelia! You are a wonderful christian friend and an inspiration to everyone! Please pass on to everyone at Hebron Church of Christ a big Thank You for helping with Andy and the Dunn family! They truely are wonderful people struggling with the "King of Cancer".

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Patty Boyd said...

Joy, I did not know you had this site. My daughter, Julie Hyder, told me about it. She's been keeping up with your posts about Andy. Your site is so pretty! I love the cupcake bouquet! I'll check back often! - Patty