Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Andy Update-Sunday, Feb. 10th

I talked to Dot tonight before church. My little buddy Andy is not wanting to eat because of those old nasty sores in his mouth and down his throat. He is not feeling well at all today. He was wanting to eat some vanilla ice cream but, he was afraid it would hurt. We need to pray that his fever is gone and he doesn't have any problems with his blood work. They sure do need to come home for a few days before his next treatment.
Please do not forget the Blood Drive scheduled for Feb. 18th in Andy's Honor!
Where: Westwood Church of Christ Fellowship Center
Time: Noon - 6 p.m.
Please, Give The Gift Of Life!
*****.....*****THURSDAY, FEB. 7TH UPDATES*****.....*****
Andy slept good last night with the help of some morphene. My little buddy has eaten a milk shake Dot made for him earlier. Blood count is still really low (0.1), we need that to jump up to 4.5-10.0. One thing we know is that the chemo is doing it's job. (that's why his count is soooooo low) And of course, it wipes his energy out.
..........SUNDAY, FEB. 10TH UPDATES..........
I am sorry that I haven't posted anything since Thursday, but there hasn't been much change until now. Andy has eaten a cheese pizza today, talked to me on the phone today, and eaten Mac and Cheese yesterday! Yeah!!!!! The sores in his mouth are much, much better! We still have a very low wbc of 0.1, but we are hoping that it will come up soon! He has to have a 1.0 before Friday so he can get his 2nd round of chemo. He told me on the phone that "my dair is all dawn." That was so precious. Keep praying for him, the doctors, and his family. PLEASE REMEMBER THE BLOOD DRIVE-FEB. 18TH NOON - 6 P.M.!!!!!!!!!!

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