Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lady Vols Are #1

Last night, John and I were treated to one of the most fun things I could have ever imagined! Patty and Terry Boyd had asked us a few weeks ago to go to the Lady Vols vs. Rudger game at Knoxville. Man, last night was a nail bitter! Especially when Candace Parker got fouled and went straight up in the air and back down on her knee and belly. I held my breath! I was so excited all day yesterday just thinking about going to such an amazingly crazy game! I had always said that I wanted to see a game with Candace before she left UT.
The fouls were flying every which of way and even in the first few plays of the game one of the Rudgers players flipped over the commentators sitting on the side line. Pat Summit was her classy self!
Susan Grandey called me and asked me where we were sitting. I told her that we were on the second row wearing pink. heehee! Everyone had pink on because it was Breast Cancer Awareness Night. I know for one thing...I sure am impressed with the talent that these ladies have! What a class act!
There's one thing for sure....I need tooth picks for my eye lids today!

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