Sunday, February 24, 2008

Andy Dunn Prayer Request

I borrowed this precious picture of Andy from my friend Stephanie Edens webpage a few weeks back.
I need for everyone who reads this to please stop for a moment and on bended knee say a special prayer for Andy, his family, and his caregivers at Vanderbilt.
Andy is back in the hospital today. His parents took him back to the ER at Vanderbilt about 1 a.m. this morning. He started running a fever and his wbc is below 100. (normal ranges are 4,500 to 10,000) The wbc dropping is a sign that the chemo is doing it's job. I talked to Dot on Friday and Andy was feeling very good. She said that she knew that his wbc would drop, but didn't realize it would be that quick. Andy is already getting the sores in his mouth and throat again. (that's the sign that his wbc is down) Dot called me this morning during Sunday School and wanted everyone to continue to pray for her "Angel Boy".
Andy is a very special little boy and is very special to all of us. I've talked before about how my parents characterized people as being "Good People"...well the Dunn family are "Good People".
God hears our prayers and if it is his will....only his will, will be done.
Andy has a special web page on Type in his name without a space between the first and last name and please leave them a comment. (andydunn)

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