Friday, November 21, 2008

39th Annual Region's Craft Fair

I just wanted to share a few pictures of the Craft Fair that is going on this weekend at the Civic Center here in McMinnville. I have had more compliments on my booth! Thank You all of my friends who stopped by and bought goodies from me, who placed all of the many, many orders, and the overwhelming response in my booth. I am almost sold out and it's only the first day! My friend Jane Ann Pryor is the Chairman of the Craft Fair this year. Thank You Jane Ann for all of the compliments about my booth and the presentation that I worked so hard on! Your kind words made my day!
I made Red Velvet Cakes from my Aunt Christine's recipe, Sundrop Cake from my MIL's recipe and have sold almost all of them out! I am taking orders for Thanksgiving, items to be ready for pickup for all who didn't get there early today.

My Coconut Cakes are the talk of the Craft Fair. My Aunt Christine made these when I was little and it brings back such wonderful memories of her!

Pumpkin, Pecan, and Fudge Pies are displayed at my booth as well. Fresh, never frozen....orders for Thanksgiving can be made by calling me or shooting me an e-mail!
Any flavor of pie, cake, cookie, or treat can be made!

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Susan said...

Boy these sure do look yummy!!! I will be by to see you tomorrow!