Saturday, March 28, 2009

With Three Clicks Of The Heels....There's No Place Like Home!

Jeanna Cunningham's daughter Sarah will be celebrating her 5th Birthday tomorrow. She absolutely love "The Wizard of Oz"! So what better could she have than......A Yellow Brick Road Cake! This cake is Classic White with the Yellow Buttercream Icing. The Witches Hat, Broom, the Green Pool (That Old Wicked Witch Melted), and the Lolly Pops were handmade out of Rolled Fondant. Every time I look at this makes me remember the song that Judy Garland sang....."Somewhere Over The Rainbow".
Every little girl needs her own Ruby Red Slippers!!!!!
Jeanna wanted some treats for her guests along with the cake. She ordered 3 dzn. Ruby Red Slippers, 2 dzn. Pretzel Rods and......
A tray of delicious Strawberry dipped in Gourmet Chocolate!
Happy 5th Birthday Sarah!!!


Paige Todd said...

How cute!!! I love the cake!!!

Kandice said...

that is adorable! how cute! you're so talented

Susan said...

Aweeeeeeeeee how cute sis!! I love it! You have outdone yourself on this one girlie!!

Everybody needs to place an order from Ms. Joy!! She is the best!!

I am STILLLLLLLL waiting on the chocolate cake though!! But I can smell it coming very soon!! LOL!