Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Cookies

Saturday, the 21st is my "Little Prayer Warrior" Kristy Navartte's birthday. I wanted to do something special just for her! So.....I whipped up some Homemade Sugar Cookies and decided not to dip them in glaze, but to use some buttercream icing and "bling" them up a little bit with some of my red and green sugar crystals.
I think that these really turned out really cute. I know that yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, but....I love the clover leaves because it's one of the things that remind me of Spring!
I wish everyone could have seen Kristy running to me tonight in the parking lot at the church. When her Mother Amy told her that I had a surprise for her, Amy said that she yelled out "Yes!!!!" She was so excited and I love my hugs from her! Kristy is one of the sweetest girls ever! She is very mature for her age and is very thankful for everything that you do for her! She sure does have a good set of parents! We love the Navarette family!!!!
Easter Eggs, Clover Leaves, Tulips, & Easter Bunnies are absolutely darling!
Happy Early Birthday Kristy!
My wonderful friend Susan Grandey got me all of these cookies cutters as part of my birthday present (less the clover one, I bought it a little while ago, and she got me a baby buggy cutter and a baby bottle cutter too!) along with a beautiful pearl ring and an awesome tangerine basket. Susan knows how I love to bake and I was so excited to get to use them yesterday. I can't wait to make some Mickey Mouse cookies/sandwiches! She picked him up when they were in Orlando and Disney for the Nationals in the Dance Competition. I now have 3 different bunny patterns, two different butterfly patterns and am ready to take orders for Spring!

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P.B.M. said...

I am staying all night with my Aunt Paula and I was looking at your Blog and saw that you spelled my name wrong. It Is Kristy. But that's o.k. Thank you for my cookies.
Love, Kristy Navarrete