Saturday, September 20, 2008

Welcoming Babies and Starting A New Family

Tammy Crouch ordered this cake for a baby shower she is hosting. It is a classic white cake with pink and white buttercream icing just for a sweet baby girl. Tammy e-mailed me a copy of the invitation and asked me to make it just like it. When Tammy picked it up, she was so excited. She didn't image it would look exactly like the picture.
Custom orders can be made any size, shape, or color. Pictures help tremendously.

This is the Grooms Cake that Ginger ordered for their wedding. Craig is a "Drag Racer" and enjoys everything about the sport. I did some research and every track that I googled had crumbly asphalt, oil spots, and even a christmas tree (starting lights). Craig wanted a pair of his own wrenches crossed in the center.
Good Luck to the new Mr. & Mrs. Craig Sinks!

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Shannon said...

How Cute!
These are great looking cakes, Joy!