Friday, September 5, 2008

The Birthday Marathon Day!

This beautiful cake is for my friend Lara Carter's daughter Caroline. Today they are celebrating her Sweet 16th Birthday! To make it look even more beautiful I placed it on one of my antique crystal cake plates.
Caroline is a beautiful girl!
Happy Birthday!
Amy Mayfield ordered this darling cake for her daughter Katy Mae's 5th Birthday. She also wanted some of my "Secret Recipe" Chicken Salad. Dots must have been contagious today or something. Lara and Amy both requested polka-dots.
Happy Birthday Katy Mae!

Pink, White, and Mint are so crisp and clean looking!

Sandra Rankhorn ordered this cool cake for her son's birthday. He's all about Dale Jr. and the 88 car. Sandra was so sweet with her compliments on how my cakes melt in her mouth.


Happy Birthday!

My special friend Patti Clarke ordered cup cakes for Rae's Birthday and for Tailgating at tomorrow's MTSU football game. Patti requested my homemade white cake with white icing and my homemade fudge cake with chocolate icing. To make it special she requested Rae's initials monogrammed on them.
Happy Birthday Rae! I can't wait to see her as a beautiful bride this May! Congrats to the Clarke family!

I wanted to have a cream filling inside of each of the cupcakes, but Patti said, "Nope, can't do that cause somebody would get hurt." I just about died laughing!
Somebody's gonna dance tomorrow, not tonight, but tomorrow! lol

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kandice patrick said...

love them! especially the sweet 16 cake! GREAT JOB!