Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweet Confections

Sarah Covington called me from Franklin a little bit ago and asked me to make her brother Lynn McGregor a Homemade German Chocolate Cake (because it's his absolute favorite) for his Birthday. Lynn was so excited when it was delivered to him at Farm Credit Services.
My friend Tina @ United Diamond Brokers called me and asked me to make a Dessert Tray for a family member of hers who had passed away. They wanted to take it to the ICU Unit at River Park as a way of saying "Thank You" for what they had done for them.

This tray consists of Strawberries dipped in Gourmet Chocolate, Homemade Sugar Cookies with my delicious Buttercream Icing, Pretzels dipped in Gourmet Chocolate with Multi-Colored Sprinkles and Coconut, My Signature Homemade Strawberry Filled Cupcakes with my delicious Buttercream Icing, and last but not least.....My Own Creation....Millionaire Brownies. (My Secret Recipe Brownie's with Caramel & Gourmet Chocolate drizzled over each Brownie and topped off with Chopped Pecans) Yum Yum!

Thanks Tina and Sarah!

Have a Wonderful Day!

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