Sunday, February 22, 2009

Playing Post Catch-Up....

Kellie Rowland had asked me to make this Baby Shower cake that is above. She had sent me a picture of a cake she saw on the Internet and asked me to make it just like it with our own little twists....instead of baby feet and toes she wanted baby ducks, with the bows tied on the corners, I used a real bow that is pale blue that says "It's A Boy", and finally at the end of each colored stripe, I put a white pinwheel to make it look Spring is around the corner.
(picture e-mailed by Kellie from

Michelle Prater is the sweetest friend and loves her family! Her nephew Kevin was celebrating his birthday and she just can't stand it unless they have a cake! I love Michelle and her loving, sweet heart! Happy Birthday Kevin...You have the Sweetest Aunt Ever!

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Dawn Winton said...

Joy! Your website is killing me - I'm trying to diet! YUM!!! I heard from Kellie the cake tasted as good as it looks! :)