Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gingerbread Cookies

I borrowed this picture to let everyone know that I have finally perfected my Gingerbread Cookie Recipe!!!
I will be taking orders for Gingerbread Cookies as well as my delicious Sugar Cookies until December 21st.
I am really excited about this new recipe, I have been playing around with my Aunt Christine's recipe and came up with this one. They are wonderful! From Gingerbread Men, Christmas Trees, Deer, Wreaths, and Snowmen. They are absolutely to die for!
I will be making some just after my surgery which is Friday in Nashville. I will post pictures of them when I get them finished. I thought that this would be something fun to teach my daughter Katie how to do! Katie has watched me bake and decorate all of my goodies and she is getting pretty good at decorating herself. She's quite the cook as well. She has made several cakes from my recipes from scratch. One day, she hopes to take over her mother's business when I decide to retire. I told her that she would need to finish college first! Education is a MUST!

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Paula said...

Yummy! And good for Katie! You go girl. I hope your surgery goes well