Friday, October 10, 2008

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

I have had several items that I wanted to share with you but couldn't because they were all surprises. I have a couple more that I haven't posted, but I will get those pictures edited asap and get them posted too! Today is Kara Youngblood's 21st Birthday! She is the Big 21! Her mom Pam asked me to make her a special cake just for her special day! Kara loves pink, black, white, red, jewels, polk-a-dots, stripes, ribbons, her initial K, and my fabulous homemade classic white cake! I think that I hit most of those right on the target. When Pam picked it up last night, she was so excited! The Bling on top for her 21 was perfect!

My dear friend Susan Grandey asked me to make this darling cake for our mutual friend Penny Shockley. Penny has been the Pioneerette Dance Team Coach for several years and is now the Sophomore Principal at WCHS. I was so honored to do this for them. I have been able to know and love Penny over the past few years and felt very, very honored to make this for her. I had her children in WCYB in T-Ball and enjoyed them so very much! Let's say she was very surprised at her party!

Congrat's Penny!

Oh my goodness, my friend Alene Pedigo asked me to make this cake for a Surprise Party they were throwing her a Surprise 70th Birthday Party! Anita is a hoot! I love talking to her! Alene and Anita worked together for several years through the Warren Co. School System.
Her daughter Stephanie gave Alene this picture of her mother. They wanted the picture transferred on to the cake as an eatable transfer. Their wish was easily filled! For a small fee...any picture can be transferred to a template and put right on a cake! The cake is a Classic White Cake with Almond flavoring.
Happy Birthday Ms. Anita and You do look good!
My son John Ryan works with Vanessa McBride at Lowe's. She said that he is always talking about how delicious and creative my cakes are. She called me and asked me to make this darling 3D Spiderman cake for her. He's all homemade Classic White cake with lots of detail.

Talissa Pelham and her friends at Dr. Watlington's office ordered lunch just for them yesterday and wanted My Signature Chicken Salad on Croissants and some of my Homemade Sugar Cookies. With the season of Halloween in the air.....these ghost's are the perfect touch!

My daughter Katie is holding a tray of my Signature Chicken Salad on Croissant. Kathy Ewton and her parents called and asked me to make this and deliver it to the Raymond Basham Family. Pam McCullock had asked me to make a Banana Split Pie for her Dad Raymond, but I had no clue how sick he was.

Anna and Weslee's Mom ordered these two cool cakes for their surprise parties. Anna loves horses and Weslee loves anything to do with hunting and UT.


Andy's mom Dot said...

Daryl and I got engaged on halloween.I was half bride and half groom.I was trying to win our honeymoon.I knew he had my ring.....

Daryl drove down to nashville in the middle of the week and dressed up like Beetle Juice.I had no idea who was down on that knee in front of me.

Needless to say ,he surprised me.

But,I have to say that this Halloween is going to be wonderful.We should have both our boys and Andy should be able to trick or treat.January through July,we did not know if Andy would still be with us...

And with that said,Andy may not be here next year.It will be a very fun halloween this year...

Keep praying,love,Dot

Susan Grandey said...

You have out done yourself on these cakes sis!! I absolutely love Kara's birthday cake. The shiny 21 just sets if off!! I love the spiderman cake too! Bet there are a lot of younger boys who would love to have a cake like that for their birthday!
Penny loved her cake as well. We had a great time surprising her. All the cake was eaten too!!