Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Family's Tradition-Homemade Jam Cakes

Granny Greene always made Homemade Jam Cakes when John was growing up. My mother-in-law still carries on the tradition. She gave me Granny Greene's "Secret Recipe" a couple of years ago. She has taught Katie how to make them as well. This is a fresh one ready to be eaten. The caramel icing is to die for! They can also be frozen and used later on. She will bring us one each year and we'll put it in the freezer and use it on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day.
Orders will be taken for these mouth watering Homemade Jam Cakes for the holidays beginning today. Please shoot me an e-mail at or give me a shout and we'll get you fixed up for the holidays!

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Paula said...

Yum...looks wonderful