Monday, October 29, 2007

This is my pride and joy!

This is a picture of my three precious angels!
John Ryan is a sophomore at the University of Knoxville. He will be 20 in November! He is on the World Cup Championship Paintball Team there.
Dillon is the Rock Star! Dillon has been recovering from an accident back in May. He fell and dislocated his hip and fractured it in three places. Dillon is truely my inspiration! He never let it get him down, what a trooper! He is in the 8th grade at Centertown Elementary and turned 13 in July.
Katie is my ballet dancing princess/basketball's (jack russell terrier). Coach Phillip calls her "Spunky". She tuned 11 in August and is me made over when I was her age. God bless her! She is in the 5th grade at Centertown Elementary also.
These three precious souls are my inspiration! My drive to be a good christian example for them and for others!

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