Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh My Goodness....More Divine Goodies!

I really enjoyed making these "Divine Goodies" for my Sweet Leah and her friends. I've watch Leah Rae grow up from a little "fisty" little 4 year old to a beatiful look alike of Sandra Bullock! Enjoy....

No you're not seeing a "Lop Sided Cake"....The bride wanted this cake just exactly as pictured. Topsy/Turby Style with the layers sitting exactly as they sit....It's adorable!

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¤~¤Candice¤~¤ said...

Absolutely LOVED my cake! Thanks so much Joy!!!I cant wait till our 1 yr anniversary so I can eat it again!! Ive got a few brides I have refferred your name to because they loved this cake just as much as me :) Thanks again!